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  1. I’m also looking for deep leagues and interested. Please let me know. Thanks
  2. Decent team .. looks like you tried to focus on all cats without getting really strong in any except blocks Don’t like the Bev or Payton pick but Payton may do well if he gets a good role but when was the last time you could trust Fitz or Knicks you need RoCo and warren to stay healthy to stay competitive GL with the season and thanks for your help with mine
  3. 5th pick - 12 team std 9 cats h2h Was going to pair gobert with curry but kawhi fell to 20 and couldn’t pass him curry kawhi collins JJJ bledsoe wendell carter nance teague Delon Wright dwight Powell brandon clarke olynk tyus jones garland so... how did I do .. whir .. thanks!
  4. i dont play Roto - but had to check three times to confirm Val was taken at 25????!!!!
  5. I think he has second round upside but didn’t think anyone was touching him before pick 30. I’d probably target him in 3rd or 4th depending on where I’m picking and what my first two picks look like. Having said that I do rate him above Myles though who doesn’t rebound enough for a C and his top 25 pick status seems highly dependent on 2+ blocks and decent Fg for a C.
  6. He was playing for a tanking suns team who basically needed a small reason to shut a good player down.. remember Bledsoe? I think with pacers fighting for playoffs and them losing Bojanhe’ll slot in at 3 and get consistent minutes. The fact that he can also play PF in case the sabonis experiment doesn’t work. you could do worse than him around pick 100 where he is likely available
  7. I’d interested if I know the teams/player pool I don’t have groupme yet - so can you post the player pool here? thanks
  8. Another solid first half - too bad he is on a loaded roster but kid does well every time hes given an opportunity.
  9. Per bleacher report (not sure how credible) he is a target for Rozier swap... obviously it may never eventuate but the rumours are about his trade and not extension!
  10. Sorry but disagree purely on the basis that you lock your franchise player as soon as you can but magic have shown no intention of even entering into discussions but there are things that happen behind the scenes that we don’t know of, but as of now it’s hardly convincing that he is the face of the franchise especially with the emergence of Gordon and Isaac and maybe bamba down the track
  11. Yeah I was lucky to get kawhi but I had Kyrie locked up as well in case the kawhi owner pulled out what i I was worried abt is that if he gets traded and he will most likely go to a playoff team where there are too many mouths to feed (in almost every playoff team), will he still return a top 30-40 value? in other words, I rather have guaranteed top 20 than the ifs but then again future is unpredictable
  12. I don’t own him but been trying to trade for him ever since he got injured .. now with the ariza news it’s impossible to buy low I take that you don’t trade for AD, curry, et all because they have injury history but that’s a factor for you.. all I’m saying is that injuries are not the only factors for a trade value
  13. True but vuc is on expiring contract and is looking for a big pay.. do you realistically think there’s a chance they sign him to a 4 or 5 year deal? Also sell high doesnt necessarily mean you get a top 10 player because he is ranked top 10 now.. it can also mean that you invested a 5 th or 6th round pick at draft and now target even a second round player who you know will definitely be a second round guy ROS - the person selling the second round guy will feel he’s getting a first round guy for his second round guy but there’s every possibility that vuc falls out of top 25 and retu
  14. On what basis are you making this statement.. sounds like you missed out on him or sold too early even the most healthiest of player can get “hit hard” or have an unlucky injury .. injuries are unpredictable.. what’s predictable is that you have a guy who will play big minutes consistently and give you solid stats .. he has great attitude and work ethic and you can see the work he put in the off season is now contributing to his growth and success
  15. Two odd weeks ago - when vuc was ranked ridiculous top5 or something - sold him and Adams for kawhi and gobert .. kawhi was ranked in his 20s and was being rested for b2b games ... that’s sell high for y’all? I get you owning him and wanting to defend him but the reality is magic has historically always started off strong then faded away. And to the person making jokic reference.. nuggets are playoff team, signed jokic to a long term deal and is the face of the franchise.. magic will fall out of playoffs, vuc is on expiring contract and is not the face of the franchise.
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