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  1. Get him in your line-ups! WELCOME BACK KING
  2. I’m guessing he plays roto and wanted to manage his games played limit, which is a valid reason to bench bouch
  3. Call it wishful thinking but I see Horford resting 2 games in a row as a sign of him getting traded before the deadline this week.
  4. Highly doubt it. I think he was top 10 or top 11 for the year in 9 cat when he went down. i’m guessing he’ll be more like top 40 ROS.
  5. LMAO that guy should come in here just to post ”You’re Moses Brown” As for the outlook I think the answer is easy: As long as you don’t play in a league with like 1 weekly pick up and your’re fighting for a playoff spot- Actually no, as a matter of fact even then I think you pick him up and wait at least for the trade deadline. I’m in a really important matchup right now but I still made the move. Can’t let anyone beat me to it.
  6. This was the potential we saw with him playing for this system in Golden State. Confidence is such an important factor, I think he settles around this ROS 20ppg / 5.9 reb / 1 stl and 1 block on 43% FG/ 76% FT. What do you guys think? Congrats especially to my fellow punt assist team owners
  7. This blurb made me sick to my stomach. Let's wait for the results, but if it IS a grade 1 or grade 2 LCL-sprain (ruling out grade 3 seeing as he returned to the game) we're looking at him being out 6-8 weeks.
  8. Tough spot, I’d make the drop. Don’t see the stocks coming back Anytime soon. If you wait someone else in your league could make the add before you.
  9. Thanks for the helt on mine! I’m also punting assists. Having a minimum of 2 PGs is really important så you can fill your squad on packed game days. I’d drop Ingles. A lot of his value is tied to great %es with 4+ assist, and you don’t need the latter. The other choice is Noel but I agree with your take and he is a good glue guy for your team. Out of Bagley and Ingles i’d drop Ingles
  10. 12 team 9 cat Brandon Clarke + Fournier vs Michael Porter Jr which side would you take?
  11. He outscored the Nets 14-8 in second OT, and had as many points in the two overtime sessions (22) as the entire Nets team combined. And he scored 20 in a row. I'm punting assists so I am not selling. As Sicario said, he's the perfect fit
  12. lolz give us a source. Or are you just guessing?
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