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  1. 12 Team H2H 9 Cat: PG: Devin Booker SG: Jamal Murray SF: Kawhi Leonard PF: Kris Middleton Center: Hasan Whiteside Center: Wendel Carter G: Demar DeRozan F: Nerlans Noel Util: Marcus Smart Util: Evan Fournier Bench: Seth Curry (PG/SG) Bench: Chris Boucher (PF/C) Bench: Alec Burks (SG/SF)
  2. It's only two bad games. It blows, but he'll be ok. Whatever you do, don't rage drop after a couple of off games
  3. I'm liking what I'm seeing from him lately. Doesn't hurt that the Hawks are starting to win some games in the process. He's young, so he'll go through some rough patches throughout the year, but the talent level is there and he's already showing progress.
  4. I certainly wouldn't drop him this early in the season. He's a young PG who's still developing and fitting into his role. He's got the whole season to make improvements and get better. Dropping him now would be a terrible decision based on a limited sample size.
  5. TJ keeps the Suns in a lot of their games. He's their man
  6. He's looked like their main weapon on offense in every game this season. TJ Warren is the real deal. Targeted him as a sleeper, but had no idea this was coming. If he keeps this up, he'll probably win the most improved player award.
  7. The minutes coupled with the performance is priceless. That's two solid games in a row from a guy who most likely went undrafted in most leagues. Still a lot of season left, but his prospects look promising to say the least.
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