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  1. This looks great on paper to me. I'm hoping he can provide those stats this season.
  2. I would say either Deebo or Hardman are your first drops. Possibly Deebo has a little more value as Hardman can be irrelevant once Tyreek is back.
  3. Cam's playing today. You should wait and see how he does then make your decision from there.
  4. Probably will be unpopular waiver pickup, but wanted to mention Danny Amendola. Can be solid for PPR.
  5. Was hoping this guy or Prince would get traded to free up playing time. He’s been playing around 16 min a game since he came back from injury. You guys think he will eventually return to the starting lineup or looking more like a drop now?
  6. Cody Zeller, a solid center who is only owned in 16% of yahoo leagues. A lot of people brushed him off as they expected Gasol to get traded to the Hornets.
  7. Yes, get JV over Okafor. Doesn't seem like AD will be getting traded. Possibility he will get shut down, but also possible that he will play out this season with the Pelicans. JV should be the starting center and should get more minutes than what he was getting in Toronto.
  8. I’m wondering this myself as well. Torn between who to pick up. Anyone have an opinion on who will be better ROS?
  9. That is not the update I wanted to see. Previous report said that he plans to play and that Gentry said AD is a professional. I think our only hope now is that he gets traded by the deadline.
  10. I think his ROS outlook looks great with possibility of top 75 value rest of the way. Pop really trusts him for his defense as he was defending Kawhi this game and defended Tobias when they played the Clippers last week.
  11. I watched part of the 4th and he was in during the crucial time of the game. He was defending Tobias during that time as well. Got to think Pop trusts him and depends on him for his defense.
  12. just dropped this guy in my 12team h2h league. can't handle his inconsistencies any longer. the main thing for me aren't his minutes, but his efficiency. he was close to 50% fg and 80% ft last season, don't understand what happened. goodluck to those still holding.
  13. I would still hold onto Nance for the time being. He has too much upside to drop.
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