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  1. His batting stance looks like Soto's too
  2. In his last start, he made a few mistakes being ahead of counts. This time he was more patient. His command of his curveball looked better than his last start and he is not shy to throw it early in the count. His fastball is good and his change up is generating a lot of swings-and-misses (such a beautiful pitch). Just like how this thread mentioned, his curveball will determine if he is going to be a top of rotation guy. I have a feeling that he will be that guy sooner than later.
  3. Off tomorrow and should be back Friday.
  4. Or you could ride him to your fantasy championship
  5. If anything, start him on home games
  6. Watch out Steven Souza Jr. and Giancarlo Stanton... Dahl is coming for that Glassman of the year award. Should be a close race
  7. Royals broadcaster said why does this guy have only 7 at-bats so far? 😂
  8. Hit by pitch trying to bunt. He’s out of the game. The injury to his throwing hand looked not good.
  9. Horrible injury to Trea’s finger. Let’s hope for the best
  10. Robertson is warming up in the top of the 7th. SerAnthony is your closer
  11. He’s making a strong case for the glass man of the year award already
  12. It seems like he will be hitting at the top of the order and with all the power bats hitting behind him, he can be an interesting player to own. If he can stay healthy, I expect him to have similar numbers in the past.
  13. If Dozier struggles, I think Kieboom will replace him
  14. depends on who you are dropping... or not keeping anymore
  15. Just find out that my co-worker's brother is Bud Norris.
  16. A couple years ago he was the best in the game so there’s a possibility he can be a top fantasy player.
  17. This guy won me a championship last year during my playoff push. I’ll reserve a spot for him this year. Solid when healthy
  18. Good for him. He got the money he wanted, live in one of the best cities in the world, and playing for an up and coming team. At the end of the day even when you lose, you’re still winning.
  19. There are some in the Bay Area that said Larry Baer, ceo of the Giants, fled out to Las Vegas late last night. He was suppose to be at Giants fan fest today but had other arrangements. If this holds true, Harper will be a Giants soon.
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