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  1. hey guys. good luck on your ship-week! Can you PLEASE pick 2 of the following RBs for PPR: Gio, Kareem Hunt, Tony Pollard, Zeke, Le'Veon Bell, Henderson Jr. ???
  2. i used to be his biggest stan not too long ago
  3. as my last arm in my rotation, yes. 6k in 3.1
  4. id be SHOCKED if anyone didnt say stay put.... your trying to drop proven assets for a prospect. none of the guys you listed are drop worthy..... haniger? odubel?? in for replies
  5. i saw it a moment ago... give me a day or so and ill have a reply to u. i MIGHT just found that 14th already but ur first in line if not
  6. Having the hardest time finding a final manager IRL.... so thought I'd resort to maybe having an online buddy fill this final spot. Normally buyin would be $50, but i am willing to waive that cost for any person that loves this game enough to play a keeper league. I'll only be waiving the first/intro year for you, but will need the buyins in future seasons. Im hoping for someone to stay for AT LEAST this season and next. Only accept if you plan on playing for 2+ years. Anyways this is yahoo format H2H 7x7 (Keep8) DRAFT: March 24 @ 930PM (Saturday night) K
  7. Tis the season of giving, i suppose O.o I hope u accepted before posting.
  8. sell high moment again? lol not sure if he can net much
  9. I would aim for an Albert Pujols + Jean Segura package for my Dwight Howard... just me though
  10. was wondering where the post on this was. yikes!
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