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  1. Who should I take out back and shoot first? H2H 6x5 OPS. Both have 2B/3B/OF eligibility. I’m done carrying both of these clowns. Someone has to go.
  2. Yes. The only way a player is free to keep again (first year is free) is if you draft them. This is prob my last year w Trout. It’s $100 entry plus keeper costs (and my $200 team salary is highest ever, two $190’s also this season tho). We started adding keepers 9 years ago. I know this because Trout is the last one still being kept since year one. Harper was kept 7 years, I believe. 12-team league fwiw. I could’ve kept Vladito for $20 and dropped Trout. But too selfish to let anyone else have him. Lol. Traded Belly and Trea to get him for heaven’s sake. Not too excited about that
  3. Totally agree. Fwiw, first year you keep a player they are free, then $10 extra each year you keep ‘em. Trout is $80 for example, while Robert and Bieber are $10. I actually had Vlad ($20) but kept Robert instead. So, drafting a better keeper would be great, since he would cost $20 less next season. Thanks for the advice.
  4. That dude should just quit the fantasy baseball.
  5. That's pretty sound advice. Appreciate it. Yeah, Corey.
  6. Agree with what's been said, and I have Bieber as a keeper. Not even bias gets me off DeGrom.
  7. 3-player keeper H2H My keepers are Trout, Bieber, Robert. Here are the hitters I'll be choosing from, as I'm not taking a second pitcher this early... Machado Bichette Springer Marte Abreu Seager Vlad Merrifield LeMahieu Judge Chances are the top 4-5 are gone, so lets eliminate Machado, Bo, and Springer... Who do I hope falls to me? Honestly, I want Vlad, as I've had him since the minors until this year (we get to keep one minor leaguer at NA; this year I have Kelenic). I'm also high on Abreu and LaMahieu. Thoughts?
  8. I do this all predraft. You can put those players in place of their last picks. Just like w keepers. Takes me all of 15 minutes to enter 3 keepers per team and an NA keeper. Like you, I love Yahoo. 13 years as commish there for both baseball and football and it works well for a free service.
  9. 3-keeper, 12-team league (full point PPR) My 3 keepers are Mahomes, McCaffrey, and Ekeler. I have the 7th pick... CEH, Julio, Kittle, Drake will surely be gone, and I can't draft a 3rd RB with this pick, so here's who's left: Robinson II Golladay Evans Moore OBJ Ingram Andrews McClaurin Cooper Ertz Thoughts? I don't pick again for like 60 picks (traded em last year), so I need to stick this pick. I'm tempted to take Andrews, even though I probably need a WR.
  10. I haven't visited here all season, but I just pulled an offer for Jansen and decided I would come try my luck here instead. Glutton for punishment, I guess.
  11. Totally agree about hitters. Hoping to take advantage of a shortened season, but yes, they could all be hurt by Opening Day in May or whenever. Heh
  12. And not much research... how did I do? I also didn't have a lot of picks. Traded a few (rounds 2-4 essentially) at deadline last year for a couple pieces. 12-team H2H 6x5 (standard w/ OPS) Keep 3 C Smith 1B Voit 2B Hiura 3B Vladito- K SS Correa OF Trout- K OF Judge OF Robert UT DeJong UT Edman BN Pollock SP Bieber- K SP Wheeler SP Luzardo SP Lucchesi RP Robles RP Lugo P Kuechel BN Caleb Smith BN Eovaldi BN Alex Wood BN DeSclafani BN Reynaldo Lopez
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