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  1. Who is slomo? I like tyreke more. Thanks for helping on mine
  2. I've been offered Mike Conley for my D'Angelo Russell. Should I take it? Thank you! WHIR
  3. Jesus christ what a line 31pts 10reb 10ast 2stl 3blk 13/17fg 2/3 threepts
  4. 14team classic-9cat h2h (Sorry to post here, but team build is in the link)
  5. What do you think about Harden vs Giannis ROS?
  6. I traded him away for Capela before that start of the season because of fear of ft% now im kicking myself in the butt
  7. Played well and is looking to be aggressive... but lacks the stocks
  8. If he is healthy and willing to play well, he can be a steal for many who took the risk
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