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  1. Yeah, stocks = steals + blocks. I've seen RW people try to include 3s in other pormantaues like "stockees " or "st3cks" but I haven't seen any catch on yet.
  2. Garland as well, but I agree it's close. Kennard has a path to minutes on a team that values shooting; but Garland has the higher upside because I don't believe in Sexton and the Cavs have very little playmaking.
  3. Buddy has the higher upside in 9-cat, CJ has had the more consistent floor. With Bogdan out of town and a late lotto rookie the projected SG backup I'd go with Buddy. CJ also has an improving Gary Trent/Simons/return of Hood/Melo/Nurkic. I lean towards Buddy.
  4. I'd go Brogdon especially for positional scarcity.
  5. OG and Blake. As a previous poster mentioned I'd try to flip Blake, for an OG-level keeper if I could.
  6. I agree with you there. None of those options fill me with glee. There's no long track record of 1st round value for a lot of these guys. Prior to last season (9-cat): John Collins was #49 (and this year will share PF and C duties with Gallo and Capela) Tatum was #59 (he could do just as well but doesn't have that history LeBron was #24 (and this year he will be rested a lot) Trae was #125 (and this year will share scoring load with Gallo, BogBog, and 70+ games of Collins) The last time Beal shared the ball with Wall he was #38 The guys who used to be late
  7. I can't view the page. What are your team settings and how many teams? I'm assuming you mean Tobias Harris and not Gary, if so it's between Tobi, Wood, and Jaylen. I'd probably go Wood for the blocks, but Jaylen if you want a slightly more proven pick. Tobi has been consistently good for many years but in a keeper league I'd go with the upside of Wood or Jaylen.
  8. Yeah I am not a fan of that Derozan pick
  9. I'd keep Beal personally, but it's close. If you went through the other teams in your league, what type of player do you see being available at that pick? Are we talking a Myles Turner type or more of a J-Val type of player available there?
  10. I loved his profile as a draft prospect, but so far 3 years later he seems to be one of those guys who will always hurt your %s. And he's one of those guys who will always have trouble finishing at the rim. If he ever does figure out those things he could have a breakout fantasy jump akin to his teammate Ingram, but he's gotta show me before I believe it. I'm hopeful but skeptical.
  11. I'm wondering what's the ranking when you remove the TOs? I don't agree with Josh Lloyd on everything but he's right that too many people let TOs skew their rankings. Not to discredit your point but if he has 3.4 TOs and 68% FT and is STILL as high as rank 23 I'm not sure how you guys think this is proof of his ceiling.. he's usually much better at both of those things. Now I'm not saying he'll average 22 and 15 with 2 blks but you have to project out what you think he's capable of to really get an idea of his value
  12. Per Official Yahoo Customer Support they are shooting to open up this week. https://www.reddit.com/r/fantasybball/comments/jsa9ld/where_is_yahoo/gbz0991/
  13. I actually just said this on the fbb reddit just this week, but I think people are sleeping on Ayton right now. If things break right for him he can easily be a low end T20 player, and I don't think it'd take much.
  14. Nice find. Hoopball has a great fantasy podcast for anyone not familiar. Dan Besbris is a great host. Especially for those who like to take a break from Josh Lloyd's particular brand of personality, no offense to him.
  15. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-nba-players-union-agrees-to-72-game-2020-21-season-starting-on-dec-22-035911672.html 72-game season. Still a lot to be determined on the NBA side. And a lot to be determined on the fantasy side too. I wonder when mock drafts will open up? Fire up your draft boards, boys and girls.
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