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  1. It is why they selected him in the 3rd...to be the TE of the future. So I’d agree it’s a pretty good bet that he’ll be the lead TE for the Saints.
  2. As someone who is both in Yahoo and CBS keepers, I loathe CBS. Horrible platform that I wholeheartedly hate. And I’d immediately reject out of hand anyone in my league suggesting we move to CBS. I’ve been running a Yahoo keeper for 11 years and have run across very few problems with the platform itself.
  3. The league I’m talking about is a keeper league, and I’m not sure if it locks or not. We’ve never had anyone test the rule, lol.
  4. I’m not sure, but in our Yahoo league, no transactions are allowed after the final day of the season. Any waiver claim or attempt at a FA acquisition will be reversed.
  5. Wow. That’s way later than his current adp. He’s not “essentially free” in most leagues. Discounted, but not free.
  6. How much concern is there about that surgery effecting his power early on? Haven’t there been others who have had this surgery that weren’t quite the same the following season?
  7. That’s all fine and good...sell. I’m hanging tight whether his value is as high as it’ll ever get or not. I’m in the business of collecting players I believe in for the purpose of having them contribute to my success. If I drafted/kept Burnes, it means I believe in his ability to help my run for a title. And I know what some will say...trade him at his highest value to acquire players who will maximize my chances to win. But how can anyone tell me I’m maximizing my opportunity to win...maybe keeping Burnes better accomplishes that? And besides, how much is Burnes truly going to bring, anyway?
  8. He wasn’t that bad against lefties last year, so I wouldn't be surprised if they give him a shot to lead off against them.
  9. I’m not one of those guys who are always looking to sell any player who’s playing better than he ever has, and frankly, I don’t get it. I’d prefer to reap the rewards of having him on my team rather than being afraid he might falter.
  10. I have him in a keeper, and I’m not selling. I’d rather see what I have in him this season. Just because it seems like the best time to sell doesn’t mean that you should.
  11. Starting CF who put up 10-10 HR-SB in a shortened season. It looks like he’ll be leading off for a loaded lineup and could have a good shot at a 20-20 season. The risk is with his BA, but he should be good for OBP leagues. Thoughts on the 24 year old?
  12. Your league should use a snake draft one more season and then suspend draft pick trading so that everyone can have the same budget in 2022. Only right way to do it, imho.
  13. I can see an argument for drafting him purely as a 1B or CI, simply because he’s going to give you SBs that are rare at the position. Or if you have him as a 2B or MI in a keeper league, I can see drafting with the intent to move him to 1B/CI in the 2nd week of the season, if you happen to be in a Yahoo league. The question for most, I believe, is whether or not his k% is going to come back closer to his minor league %. Can he reel in the Ks and bring his BA back up? If so, we could start to see his upside.
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