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  1. Saw the 2020 thread still going strong and figured it was time for him to have a 2021 thread.
  2. The high k-rate last year came mostly out of the bullpen. He did have a nice k-rate as a SP, but it was over 16.1 ip, striking out 18. He could have pitched another 16.1 as a SP and only struck out 12. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that his Ks jumped last year with the majority of his ip coming as a RP.
  3. Is he on the backside of his career? Sure, but I wouldn't put him out to pasture as an aging star just yet. Until last year, he'd topped .300 in five of his last six seasons, the lone exception being a .282 ba in 2015. He may not reach 40 HR again, but I'd put him at a decent bet to reach 30-35 and have around 100 RBI to go with a good BA. There's value in that.
  4. Yes, but it's hard enough to trust a 2-pitch SP...to trust one that burned you in 2020 is even harder.
  5. What kind of K upside does Boyd really have? Obviously, 2019 gives us an upside, but that seems to be more outlier than anything else. He piled up Ks in 2019, but never has in any other point in his career. Even last year, he struck out just 60 in 60.1 ip. Aside from 2019, his career k/9 is 7.8, and if he doesn't get a ton of Ks like he did in 2019, I just don't see the value.
  6. Will just need deep benches or an empty NA slot to carry him while he's in AAA, and who knows how long that will be.
  7. Most place I'm looking at right now is calling for Pomeranz to be the SDP closer right now. Not "committee" or "co-closer", but "closer". I know the situation is cloudy at best more than a month away from OD, but this seems like a surprising projection by FP, RR, RC, and ESPN. Rotoballer is putting Pom and Melancon as co-closers. Rotowire has Melancon as closer and Pom as 1st in line. It would seem like the biggest reason for SD to sign Melancon would be to make him the closer...right?
  8. It doesn’t have anything to do with the technology or figuring out how to manage the website. Not sure why you thought that was a thing. We didn’t like the layout or design and found it far clunkier than Yahoo and even CBS. The customization options just aren’t enough for me to deal with an interface I simply don’t like. Yahoo does everything we need just fine. And when me and about half my owners try it and don’t it, I’m not going to bring my league to it. But again, that was a few years ago, so maybe things are better now.
  9. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Why should leagues have to "bite the bullet"? If Fantrax wants to attract more traffic to their fantasy site, then they need to bite the bullet and make changes, not the other way around. They're trying to attract leagues, not leagues trying to attract Fantrax...backwards.
  10. I've never really bought into the hype around Marte. That 2019 season seems like an outlier, and while his BA will probably be solid, I just don't see anything close to that HR-R-RBI production in 2021. I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar to his 162-game career average of .282-81-15-65-11.
  11. I think it worked out for you. I'm not a fan of Whitley at all, and while I get the one guy's "sell high" point, we don't know if it's really selling high. If you're in a competitive league, nobody is "buying high" on a few weeks of insane production at the end of 2020. My advice from the start would have been to hang onto Arozarena. As for the owner's attitude, there's simply no call for that. Just explain why you're turning down the offer from a logical, non-emotional perspective and move on. He likes his young pitchers...good for him. The attitude was unnecessary.
  12. Highly doubt that. Two-thirds of that season would be nice.
  13. I have always been a bat-first guy because I’ve generally been able to build a solid staff that competes strongly in all cats without having to have a top 5 ace. And you already have a top 5 ace, so you should be able to build something really solid around Bieber. I could understand the allure of deGrom or Cole at pick 9, but it’s highly doubtful either will be there. If either was, however, it would be really hard to pass. Ideally, I like the option of grabbing a bat and then possibly Bauer with pick 16.
  14. I have to say, I think I’d stick with the arms. Castellanos, Laureano, Carlson, and Robles should all be solid enough. I’d prefer to roll with them, work the waiver wire, and keep a set of dominant arms.
  15. How many years can you keep them? I’m assuming forever keep? Arenado is the first one I’d cut. His career home-road splits are pretty significant, and I just don’t know that we’re going to get the Arenado we’ve been used to. After him...oof. Can you not trade any of them? I guess I’d go with Vlad because you have a 1B option in Belly.
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