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  1. Carson Wentz misses Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, his top Eagles targets. Nelson Agholor, too. | Marcus Hayes Posted: November 29, 2020 - 7:00 PM So, I've been holding Ertz since week 9 to hopefully plug him into Gronkowski's BYE week (Week 13). Good news is he did practice, unclear on how limited or quality the sessions were. Pederson is a weird case, he underutilizes Miles Sanders (probably because he truly feels Boston Scott is more reliable in the passing game and has lost faith in his O-Line). He really wants to get Alshon Jeffery back into the mix and Travis F
  2. Compared to other TEs, the snap % for Stephen Anderson is insane. He will get targets as that suits his strengths, so all I'm seeing is Opportunity. Will Fuller V will get some targets & pop that lid off the SF defense, but I don't think he will be a fantasy factor. I dropped Charles Clay today with Tyrod out & I'm benching Cameron Brate, for Stephen Anderson, now that Stafford is playing. I don't see TB keeping up with DET & I don't like Brate's snap % either. Chasing TD's is not something I'm comfortable with at all. Give me 6 point
  3. Might be 20 carries after that fumble. Doug already has left 7 points on the field scratching Fournette.
  4. Gonna play it safe and just throw Ivory out there... He's a bruiser & fits well as a carry-hog with the defense... He will start I'm pretty sure.
  5. I mean, it isn't a lower extremity injury. Also, something to note that it also wasn't his right wrist (his dominant hand.. but idk if that means much hah).
  6. I'm FLEXing CJ this week as of now. But, it would be great to hear who is starting from Bruce Arian's mouth. Sucks hes a Monday Night game. On that note, with CJ winning more carries (from Bruce Arian's mouth)... I can also assume Kerwynn Williams will get more ST snaps for sure.
  7. Hm, what was up with Josh Hill's usage? 3 targets and 3 receptions.. but if felt like it was outside of garbage time. While Fleener was 4 targets and 3 receptions. Carolina's D is strong, but like @the_wolfman said, they haven't exactly faced world beaters here. George Kittle (SF) & Charles Clay (BUF) aren't exactly fantasy TE1 & their poor outings don't make me think Carolina is exceptional at shutting down TEs. Still, not sure what to expect. Another TD? Hard to imagine honestly & once again.. Josh Hill's usage was annoy
  8. Just curious, how is he in pass-blocking? All I've heard is GB's pass-rush was projected to be filthy this year.
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