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  1. Completely bailed on a dynasty league only one year after joining. At least tell league you are leaving, and respond when you are asked if you are staying. Radio silence and ignoring messages is what you get.... Can't recommend such a behavior to any commish seeking new owners.

  2. Come on just one time you will like it, join my league not this one
  3. $500 for 1st. Email auction draft to start early August. Keeper number to be voted on before auction starts. Payment deadline will be around middle July. Other payouts include 2,3,4,division winners,most points scored,loser bracket winner. 10 starting roster spots, no kickers. For complete details leave email for invite.
  4. League will consist of 12 teams/ 1 Division.League fee will be $50.00 collected through Fantrax Treasurer.Best Record Regular Season $45.00Most Points Scored Regular Seasson $45.00Consolation Bracket Winner $50.00 + Protect a third playerLeague Winner $230.00 + Protect a third playerRunner Up $130.00Third Place $65.00Fourth Place $35.00First year of league will have a extended auction on couchmanagers.Second year of league and after will have a arbitration period then a extended drafton Fantrax site.Each year each team can protect 2 players from their roster and win 5 playersin arbitration(exc
  5. $25 due through FanTrax treasurer.Auction draft Saturday 3/10 10pm est.Weekly Lineups.2 matchups a week/H2H categories 5X5Each can keep 5 players with a 10% increase on winning bid rounding upand player must be on a roster from end of auction to be kept.Traded fromone team to another can be if kept if won in auction.After year 1 auction will move to couchmanagers for auction.After all owners are paid,owners can trade auction dollars as longas not exceeding $300 budget.Payouts are :Division Winners $25(X2 =$50)Overall best record $25League Champion $125Runner up $753rd $25https://www.fantrax.co
  6. It’s a extended auction will take about 1-2 weeks. Will start after league is full and paid.
  7. $25 paid through League Safe. PAYOUTS PERCENTAGE IS AFTER CBS IS $90 1st yr (12 teams)1st-45%($94.50) 2nd-30%($63) 3rd-15%($31.50) Consolation bracket winner 10%($21) Team will keep 10 players each year. First season of league will conduct a extended auction on couchmanagers for starting positions after auction is done we will have a extended draft for remaining spots here on CBS. First season no trading picks and trades will be approved by commissioner within 24 hours. Max 12 starts per scoring period. 4 Transactions per scoring period. 10 Keepers each year. Auction take place on couch manage
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