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  1. I am interested Frankie1801@yahoo.com I signed into ProBoards as Miami Marlins GM
  2. I am interested in the new league and I might help out with the replacement owner. i sent you an emal Frankie1801@yahoo.com
  3. What is league fee? What is scoring - roto or category?
  4. I am interested if it is H2H each Category counts scoring. Frank Frankie1801@yahoo.com
  5. Sure thing - I think Jeff talking about a draft between the 2 available teams, Please email him silverslider@msn.com
  6. Our league has been in existence since 2014 but we lost 2 owners this year and need replacements.. H2H Cat scoring and obviously with $250 buy-in, some nice cash prizes. Please contact our commish Jeff for information at silverslider@msn.com
  7. I may be interested - what is the scoring system - Roto, H2H points or H2H Categories? More information can be sent to Frankie1801@yahoo.com
  8. I am interested if H2H Category. Â Frankie1801@yahoo.com
  9. I did join a league, looking for a startup league at this time.
  10. I am in several leagues for many years and looking to join another this year. Why do you want me? I am easy going, competitive, play for the fun and love of the game, pay fees promptly, respond promptly and stick around once I join. This is what I am looking for: Monies - prefer 100 and up Dynasty or Keeper - startup preferred Website - CBS or could do ESPN Head to Head Cat scoring Respond here or email me at Frankie1801@yahoo.com
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