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  1. Would you do this trade? I have to make room for Embiid coming back and Mcdaniels is available as a pickup if needbe (possibly for Nance with Love coming back).
  2. I wouldn't trade Lavine straight up for Randle. Lavine is way more valuable. If the Jokic owner is willing to bite on that deal, I would definitely do it. Lavine + Jval is not overpaying for the best player in fantasy. Otherwise, I would stay put or try to package Dmitch and one of either Jval, Kanter, or Plumlee for a more reliable big. Maybe the Randle owner would be down for that trade?
  3. Considering Bazley is also on IR, I think I'd drop either WCJ or Delon due to uncertainty about playing time. Roco is also a consideration with Nurk + CJ coming back but I think the blazers will keep him on the floor for his defense. I'm not as big a believer in WCJ as most so he'd be my pick except that might also leave you shorthanded on big man stats so depends what stats you're targeting. Personally, I would try to trade away a guard and a wing to make space for levert because it looks like you have a surplus of guards. Thanks for help on mine
  4. Been fortunate to live off the wire for much of the season but with players coming back from injury, I suddenly have an excess of ownable but also possible waiver wire material players. I've been trying to package some in a trade but no dice so I'm gonna have to drop a few to make space PG: Steph, Dejounte, Smart SG: Booker, White, KPJ SF: Joe Harris, Kyle Anderson PF: Thaddeus, PJ Washington C : Bam, Boucher, Noel IR: Embiid, Nance, Delon, Which 3 out of these 7 players have the best ROS value: Thaddeus, Kyle Anderson, Nerlens, Joe Harr
  5. Normally wouldn't ask a question this general but I need to clear some space for people returning from IR. I'm currently 2 wins outside the playoffs in a 10 man, 8 cat league. Looking for a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 (or any trade where I'd be losing more players than I gain). PG: Steph, Dejounte, SG: Booker, Derrick White SF: Joe Harris, Kyle Anderson, PF: Thaddeus, PJ Washington, Boucher C : Embiid, Bam, Noel, Rob Williams IR: Nance, Delon, Smart I have two PGs coming back in smart and delon so I'm hoping to move one of my guards (at least). I'm t
  6. I would use that spot as a streamer tbh over keeping any of these 3 but if I had to choose one I think I'd keep Batum for the all around stats and cause he doesn't hurt either %.
  7. How do you rank these three 3s specialists rest of the year?
  8. Seems like collusion to me but I don't think this swing heavily favors the co-commisioner's side. It'd be more about principle than anything
  9. It really depends on how your team is currently doing. If you're doing well and can stomach a rocky start from White (think the first month or so is gonna be a struggle) and can put Warren on IR then obviously those two are better than Gordon long term. White might even be a decent keeper. If you need production now I would stay put. Gordon has good opportunity with fultz out and the rookie Cole still learning how to play. I would much rather have white than Cole this season also.
  10. Clarke, Vanderbilt, Reid available on Waivers as possible replacements
  11. Thoughts on this. If you own LMA, you know how rocky this season has been and I think he either gets phased out of the lineup as the season progresses or he gets traded to another team where he'll prob be equally inconsistent. Collins obviously has a capped ceiling but is he definitely due for regression even beyond the numbers he's putting up now if he doesn't get moved? Nance is tough because we don't know what moves the Cavs will make.
  12. Wiseman for sure. I think PJ will be good ROS and draymond hopefully he learns to score again lol
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