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  1. He just set it. Still waiting for the Jeff Martin guy to pay though...
  2. As long as you set scoring to start in Week 1 we can finish during the game and those points will count. 5:30 is fine with me but I think that is as late as we should be.
  3. Or push to 5:30 if this guy will join and pay immediately?
  4. I think ESPN might have auto canceled the draft time. It was set and keeps getting canceled because we arent full. Maybe change it to 10 members if no one else wants to join?
  5. NINE PAID!!! Who are going to be the lucky three that get the last spots??
  6. I am fine with that if others are. EIGHT PAID!!!
  7. Ok ... can you do it? I am at work. Once you create it I can have my brother and I join.
  8. Me and my brother would prefer $150. Wife might kill me with another $300 league. Can you reduce the buy in?
  9. Do you want to start one. We would have three people (i have two) so we could start recruiting for you.
  10. If you start one for $150 I will take two spots.
  11. What time is the draft? If its before 3pm EST or after 8pm EST we will take two teams.
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