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  1. Lets go fellas, we need 1 owner to take over a team in a 30 team Dynasty league. The owner left due to real life issues and a lack of time for fantasy baseball. This league is starting its 2nd season. So we player one shorten season year. Not much happened as far as trades and team movement. You're basically taking over a fresh team. That team is in very good shape. Here are some league facts and the team facts to help out. LEAGUE - H2H Points - 30 team league - $100buy in with deep pay system. Make the playoffs and you break even - 10 JAN is first year player draft (6
  2. Own a couple shares of Martin. Main question is where does he play? Not a matter of can he play X position just doing some homework seeing where he lands. I have heard 3B and possible CF. Anyone hear or have a source on what position TOR has planned for him. I hear Vlad is moving to 1B clearing an eventual path for 3B for him. Dont have an article to point to though. Thanks.
  3. One thing to consider for an argument against him having genetic issues is lets say he did have a undiagnosed knee injury. What is proven is that when people have long term injuries the body will compensate for that injury. He could have shifted the load to the other when whenever possible causing light damage to that knee. Hence we get a "clean up" job on that knee. Just my 2c on another possible reason he had the other knee touched up. Don't forget the other thing he has going for him is him youth. Dude is not 55 trying to bounce back for knee work. Home boy is 23. I buying on this guy all o
  4. I am looking to join (not host) a 30 team dynasty league on Fantrax. Hit me up if anyone is creating one. Sentinel2622@gmail.com
  5. We are full. Ty so much to everyone who showed interest. If you want to be on a waiting list we are still accepting a few owners. Ty and best of luck to everyone this season.
  6. Update, We have 4 teams open as of now. Some teams are rebuilds and some finished in the top 10 last season. The league is very active with over 200 trades last season. If you're looking for a challenge, love fantasy baseball and want a drama free well ran league. This is it. Please hit me up asap. Its first come first served. Email me at Sentinel2622@gmail.com. Ty and take care. Atlanta Braves League Manager
  7. Bump, Still one team left and willing to give a discount. If you think your a rebuild guru lets see it! Hit me up Ty
  8. We are down to one team left. I will give a 50% discount to the owner who takes the team. If you are thinking of trying a dynasty league this is your chance. Hit me up for info about the league and the team. Ty Email me at Sentinel2622@gmail.com Ty
  9. One more team left to fill. Hit me up on here or Sentinel2622@gmail.com. Ty
  10. JrgMelendez info packet sent to you moments ago. Thanks for your interest. Thanks Johnny for the nod man.
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