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  1. I’d normally be all in on a skilled hitter who had a down year (especially a shortened one) But what is shying me away from buying into a bounce back is his age and that he has been on a steady albeit small decline each year the last few years. I suppose he could have a resurgent season like Josh Donaldson in 2019 but more often than not it’s just age catching up to guys and that’s what the underlying metrics seem to indicate to me
  2. theres no need to be that generous and give one team that much talent
  3. I can understand fading him in redraft leagues or standard 5x5. If it’s a keeper league, H2H or OBP league then this guy is still an elite hitter when healthy and I wouldn’t let him slip too . With the ball being de-juiced I will gamble one of the preeminent power hitters in baseball. He can still get better skills-wise and you can see it with the change in his stance last year
  4. “Any interest in PLAYER X?” “Nope” note: by PLAYER X I’m not referring to a scrub WW player if an owner reaches out to you to open trade discussion, don’t be brusque and a jerk at the same time
  5. He’s a fantastic gamble. He threw the changeup more and it was getting swings and misses. The BBs went up a bit but that generally isn’t a big problem for him. All he needs to do is just not give up so many HRs. Enter the dejuiced ball.
  6. Of course. But... Some SPs are more prone to HRs than others Some hitters may have had “just enough” power to get HRs with the old ball and potentially not with the new ball. The small things make a difference especially when you’re dealing with so many batted ball events
  7. You’re entitled to be skeptical of Gallen but the kind of tone you take on one of the top young SPs is so surprising it’s almost refreshing. 1. So what he was once traded for Chisholm? Lots of players who ended up successful in the majors were once traded for prospects that didn’t pan out 2. He doesn’t “supposedly” have 4 above average pitches. He throws 4 pitches that have double digit swinging strike percentages, with each of those swinging strike numbers being above average for the pitch type. 3. Statcast data is something I value for hitters. For SPs, I
  8. Harper all the way. Grayson Rodriguez and Daniel Lynch could both be good, could both be nothing special Harper is special. And Gleyber is still a bit overrated IMO. help with mine?
  9. Kelenic because steaks are hard to find help with mine?
  10. Sixto. Pearson might have the most upside but Sixto has shown success, albeit in a short sample help with mine?
  11. Arozarena. Carlson may well end up being better (he was the other rated prospect) but until he shows the kind of success Arozarena has (even in a short sample) you can’t assume help with mine?
  12. These aren’t great options but I’d go in order Santander - The power and ballpark is legit it’s the BA that you should worry about. He might be a bit underrated Sheffield - good pitching is hard to find and he has potential help with mine?
  13. Iglesias - Padres bullpen is stacked and will give Yates a run for his money for sure help with mine? https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/837671-rate-my-squad-pick-last-keeper-whir/
  14. Keep Vlad and Bellinger - both of those guys could be 1st rounders in 2022. Acuna isn’t THAT much better than Cody. help with mine? https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/837671-rate-my-squad-pick-last-keeper-whir/
  15. Keep Robert Help with mine? https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/837671-rate-my-squad-pick-last-keeper-whir/
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