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  1. Wait so it’s a bone issue? Not soft tissue? How does that happen swinging a bat (unless he himself with it or fouled a pitch off)?
  2. The Ks in spring training are really worrisome. He’ll be a high K high HR type but the whole idea is that for him to be useful he can’t be worse than Gallo or Sano in the Ks department
  3. I’m viewing this kid as a younger Gallo/Sano type. There is value in that. I think the question is... does he have a chance to cut down on the Ks and be a bit more than that? I think there’s a decent possibility. He’s young enough where you should consider taking that chance
  4. So it’s totally fine for you to exaggerate how bad Yordan’s knees are but the fact that someone gives actual facts to show that the baseball activity impact to his surgically repaired knees is probably overestimated by some ... that’s a bad sign. Ok got it. Ultimately, one person’s perspective article doesn’t actually dictate whether or not Yordan’s knees will hold up. But I’m more inclined to side with well reasoned rational arguments over your hyperbole.
  5. It’s amazing that a guy with high 90s heat and a deep repertoire like Sandy can go under the radar. Most people are eying Sixto because of the Pedro Martinez comparisons but I think Sandy is the one that will be top 20 in 2021
  6. This guy is extremely gifted. He has it all - bat speed, contact skills, power. He even had the benefit of being the son of a Hall of Famer and all of the resources that came with it. It’d be good for baseball if he met his potential. I say that even having zero shares of Vlad Jr. The good news is that launch angle tends to increase as players age. He just needs to put in a bit of work not a ton. It’d be a bad bet that Vlad does start increasing his launch angle and HR numbers in the years to come if not this year
  7. please never mention this guy’s name out loud on these boards again. Ssssshhhhh!
  8. Is this a serious statement? I’ve heard talks about arthritic knees but I haven’t heard any official reports diagnosing that. Having a torn patellar tendon doesn't necessarily mean you have old man knees. If the surgery went well and there is no degenerative condition, what’s the worry?
  9. Take away SB... is he the best hitting SS in MLB? I think so
  10. He’s a lot safer than Acuna or Tatis IMO. No one would laugh at you for doing that
  11. One of the best threads every year. Here I go 1. Corbin Burnes is the best SP in the NL, but only pitches 150 IP and narrowly misses the 2021 NL CY Young 2. Vlad gains back 15 lbs during the season and improves his GB% to only 38%. .290 with 30 HRs and Vlad stans take their “I told you so” victory lap 3. Eloy Jimenez hits 46 HR to lead the AL 4. Judge and Stanton both play 140+ games in the regular season with 40 HRs apiece but get injured before the playoff run, leading to NYY getting swept 5. DeGrom fastball averages 99.9 mph this year, leading to some predict
  12. Ok but the point still stands... he has the ceiling potential to hit those numbers. Whether he does or doesn’t is a different story. The man has exceptional power and elite speed. I think he’s a very flawed hitter but that’s not to say he can’t pick his way into that many bombs and SBs. It’s been done very less talented players
  13. Similar profile? Aristides Aquino 2019 with elite speed
  14. More like 30 HR and 30 SB... at a minimum for this guy
  15. In some ways I feel he’s still underrated, even after the WS MVP and awesome 2021 season. I see him as every bit as good a hitter as Tatis/Story/Turner/Machado. His only weakness is steals. He’s still so young too at 26
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