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  1. Chafin had a really good 2018 and 2019 with the Dbacks, had an off year in a shortened 2020. But his K/9 has always been pretty good. I have him on my roster.
  2. I like that he'll now have Turner, Bell, Zimmerman and Castro all around him. Not the best core unit, but certainly could be worse. I think getting Bell back will be good.
  3. That's one that you stay away from....Makes absolutely no sense. Even if you get a double play ball, you tie the game with a runner on 3rd scoring. 2 outs for 1 run. Madson didn't look good at all against the first two batters he faced (couldn't even find the strike zone)...Smith had already thrown out a runner at second earlier in the game... To me, that's a situation where you let it ride...Let Madson sit there with runners on the corners, no one out, with horrible early command, with Turner, Soto and Zimmerman all due up. If he manages to get out of it, then kudos. Seemed lik
  4. Why Dave Martinez would try to steal a base with runners on 1st and 3rd, no one out, down 1-0 against LAD in the 8th inning is beyond me...
  5. I'm in complete and utter shock in regards to how bad the Rays look offensively and Cash's questionable line-up decisions. Why he has Yoshi "S***sugo" batting leadoff is beyond any comprehendible knowledge...no offense to the guy, but he's got a .186 BA in 57 career games....and he's already off to an 0-for-11 start this season... The fact that Cash has guys like Margot, Wendle, Brosseau, Adames, and Yandy batting so low in the order (or not at all), is head-scratching. This is what the Rays line would look like if I were Kevin Cash: Yandy Diaz / Austin Meadows (depending
  6. This dude is a monster....Had been watching him all spring, so glad i took a super late round flyer on him at the end of my draft.
  7. He showed plenty of pop, and if he keeps hitting, I can see him becoming an every-day DH for them, especially with Eloy out. Definitely has 20+Hr kinda pop in him. Hard to sit someone when they go 5-for-5
  8. Could you imagine being a pitcher....and having to go through Altuve, Brantley, Bregman, Tucker and Correa.... Only to realize that Yordan is batting 6th... Going to be a long, long year for some of these pitchers. That 2-run double should've been a 3-run homer, had it not been for that big a** wall at the A's park. 85% of other ballparks, that would've been gone. Get on the train boys and girls. It's going to be a fun season!
  9. Looked great today. 1-for-2, with 2 BB's. Looked healthy, quicker and more confident. Just one game, but definitely what you want to see, especially against arguably a Top-5 pitcher in the league in Cole.
  10. I'm fully on board with this dude. 140+ games played, along with a .300 BA, 40 HR, 100 RBI season. I think by May, you'll see a lot of pitchers start to pitch around him. And wouldn't at all be surprised to see him move up to the #4 spot if Tucker doesn't perform well in the first few weeks of the season.
  11. Saw the play, looked maybe as if Herro bumped knees with him going up for the basket. Didn't appear that Sabonis came down awkwardly. Hopefully just a bumped knee.
  12. My Bold Predictions For This Year Yordan Alvarez goes nuclear, drops a .310 BA, 46 HR and 105 RBI. Carlos Correa finally shows us something, plays 145+ games, and posts a .290 BA, 30 HR, 90 RBI Vlad Jr changes his launch angle, and posts an ubsurd .320 BA, 35 HR, 100 RBI Nelson Cruz finally has a down year, hits .250 BA, 25 HR and 70 RBI Bobby Dalbec turns into the new Joey Gallo, hits .230 BA, but blasts 40+ HRs. Ke'Bryan Hayes hits 30 HR and drives in 80 RBI in his first full season. Willi Castro, Victor Reyes and Jeimer Candelario keep the Tigers re
  13. This dude is going to win me the ship. Can't believe he was still floating on my waiver wire in my 18-team league last night. STOCKS for days, don't even care about his PPG or RPG....If he's pulling in 3-4 stocks per game, I'm one happy guy. Anything more than that is just the cherry on the top. Could easily see him average 12.0 PPG / 5.0 REB / 1.5 3PM / 1.0 SPG / 2.0 BLK for the remainder of the season.
  14. I'm not denying that Bellinger won't be a useful fantasy asset. In fact, I think he'll be a Top-60 player for at least the next 3-5 seasons. But the reason I'm fading him is because of his ADP cost. Last year I faded him HARDDDD because he was being taken at #4-6 in most drafts, which...(having lived in SoCal and watched him multiple times), was way too high. And people found that out the hard way last year. He barely finished inside the Top-100 in 5x5 leagues. This year, it's more of the same. If you're forced to reach or take him at ADP 10-20 (which someone in our league took him a
  15. Cody Bellinger & Walker Buehler - and it's not even close. Bellinger has honestly looked like hot garbage since August of the 2019 season. (Yes, that far back). For anyone who wants perspective on that....He was hitting .350 BA entering the month of July, and finished the season with a batting average just over .300 BA. A drop of almost 50 points between July and September. His batting averages by month in that year: .500, .416, .319, .272, .265, .235, .280. In 2020, he reverted back to his old ways, and came back down to earth. Pitchers have figured him out. And Bellinger hasn't made
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