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  1. Floro loads bases with no outs---not looking like a big threat to Yimi!
  2. That's still where I would have him, personally. Putting aside cancer and injury he has one of the more stable performance track records out there. He's not elite, but he's one of the better bets among the second/third tier guys.
  3. Ehh...I think at home it is very high leverage and on the road statistically it is still better to use your best reliever rather than wait for a save chance that may never come. Francona is pretty statistically aware, do not think I'd read into it anything other than that Clase is co-equal or the stopper.
  4. Can we put Tony LaRussa in here too?
  5. Fair, though I think I'd pay something like 50-60 cents on the dollar even in redraft because the upside is so huge if he stays healthy. So, just illustratively, if you trade Marcus Semien for him and he craps out it probably doesn't cost you the league to go from Semien to replacement level. But if Tatis manages to stay mostly healthy that's a huge upgrade. There are of course different philosophies that come into that assessment too
  6. It's a bummer of a situation as an owner. You can't really trade him---you'll get what, 60 cents on the dollar? So even if you know there's a lot of risk you have to just bear it for a while. If he's back in ten days and has a hot week some owerns might pay close to full value, but I suspect many still won't. I'm resigned to just having to ride it out. Also worried that power and steals will be down, which really cuts into the value. But he's a phenom and perhaps he's able to get through it
  7. I would say that the earlier your draft, the more value there is to using bench to manage the changes before season starts than during it. So, if drafting in early March using a bench slot (or a P slot) on someone who might win a closer gig or a minor-leaguer who might make roster is likely the highest and best use of the slot. But if you drafted yesterday, you probably do better just grabbing the guys you actually want on your roster for management purposes Thursday-on when season starts. Unless you really like the bench option you grab early (and sometimes you do) I tendt to play
  8. That is one ugly closer situation without Leclerc. As a place to throw a dart, there may be no more 'legit open' option than that between Bush, Kennedy, or Sborz or someone random like that popping in. But it seems like there's not a legit good option for non-saves purposes among them all...
  9. Lots of info available on the old internet for those who want to engage; no reason to ask basic questions here and certainly not to then criticize those who answer the questions. Roster Resources within Fangraphs has depth charts; the former Rotoworld has lots of updates. And then there's twitter. It's not hard to know what's going on if you put in a little effort. Astros depth chart is on the team's website or, for a different perspective, here: https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/depth-charts/astros
  10. yeah, that probably explains your posts in this thread...
  11. I don't think anyone argued it is only about Valdez. Obviously, and really so basic that I wouldn't think anyone needs to say it, the fact multiple guys are out matters. But in a thread about Valdez where the discussion is about how long he will be out, thinking about the implications for Valdez seems like what we are doing. And in this case, the timing makes VERY clear that it is a sign about Valdez' health.
  12. Right, it's the timing though---it is conceivable it's a coincidence (e.g. Odirizzi's price dropped at same time Valdez injury happened) but I think most likely their existing questions become a critical need once Valdez was out for most/all of the year. Don't think, personally, you make a two-year high dollar signing for a couple months of injury.
  13. Astros sign Odorizzi. Have to think that means Valdez is indeed out most/all of the year. Bummer.
  14. I get the GM talk and also the need for competition in spring training, but do we REALLY think this isn't Pressly?
  15. The one group I wonder about is younger guys still building up. I'd guess that a Julio Urias for example will lose innings next year because he couldn't ramp up his workload as much this year. There's likely 6-8 guys in that category. I think vets who have thrown 160+ innings before will be back up at that level next year.
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