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  1. I get the GM talk and also the need for competition in spring training, but do we REALLY think this isn't Pressly?
  2. The one group I wonder about is younger guys still building up. I'd guess that a Julio Urias for example will lose innings next year because he couldn't ramp up his workload as much this year. There's likely 6-8 guys in that category. I think vets who have thrown 160+ innings before will be back up at that level next year.
  3. It's a 3 run lead if you start an inning, tying run on deck otherwise. And the weird three-inning save too but that's not relevant to Anderson
  4. OK, a question about CBS' platform coming up on end of the season: how does it handle hitting the max innings limit? Our league has a max of 550 innings. I'll be right around that. On ESPN, it lets you get the last day of stats where you start the day below the limit, so (illustratively) if you were at 549 innings on the last day of the season you could accumulate 25 innings that last day and they would all count. Anyone know if CBS operates the same way or if they literally stop accumulating mid-day as someone pitches the inning that pushes you past the IP limit for the year?
  5. Choi to the IL so the next ten days should give Lowe a shot at regular playing time
  6. He now has almost 1200 at-bats on a 30 hr/10 steal/350 obp/500 slg pace. So that is the bare minimum projection going forward. Even if you assume a bunch of this year is sample-size related you still I think are building up from that base number and that's a pretty valuable OF
  7. What is the betting right now between Pomeranz and Rosenthal? I'm wondering if it's a true matchup thing. If I had to guess I'd lean to Rosenthal, but a 60-40 kind of thing.
  8. Given Pomeranz contract and performance earlier this year I think he’s the favorite, but it’s a close call. He and Rosenthal may well both get saves and it’s a 50/40 bet for me. Pagan is the remainder—-you never know about health with either Rosie or Pomeranz.
  9. The injury greatly complicates things, but Giles is someone who might be traded too
  10. Bass didn’t pitch yesterday, so seems like Romano is the preferred guy. Still wouldn’t bet on this being a 100/0 situation though
  11. Someone had an advanced hard-soft contact metric last year that rated him 10th in baseball. I never like to bet on someone being an outlier, but it’s a possibility with his stuff that he is one. We’ll see.
  12. Barnes is only potential replacement in Boston I'd think about picking up---though he could be dealt himself and is no sure thing anyway
  13. Gotta chalk up the Jays pen to a committee at this point don't you? Bummer.
  14. Pedro Martinez would be the Sox number two starter. I don't mean vintage Pedro would be---I mean the present-day, 48 year old 2020 version of Pedro who hasn't pitched in more than a decade would be. Which is a sad statement about the Red Sox this year.
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