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  1. I am not the commish, but I did join this league. "Seems" to be what you're looking for. Hey everyone. My name is Dan. Ive been running leagues for over a decade now. Just about done wrapping up a league draft similar to this. Now after some chatter, im going to start a new dynasty league, but a $300 Roto League. I will be running it through Fantrax and using Fantrax treasurer. The draft will start after the league is full and paid. The first years draft will be on couchmanagers and owners will be required to join the GroupMe chat as well. Some key things to point out: This leag
  2. Only 6 spots left. Read the constitution... this will be the Dynasty league that lasts for years.
  3. Hello, Quick hitting details: Auction is set for March 31st, 7 pm est. Platform is ESPN If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please email me at: cgunit11 @ yahoo Thanks! ~Greg
  4. This league will be prepay up for to attract long term owners. Everyone pays 2 years up front and then next year we will split payments into 2 payments(See constitution) $300 for Dynasty Bonus(see constitution) per year Plus about $7/team shared cost for fantrax premium Slow auction draft=will set a date as soon as league is full and paid Teams will be required to choose a real MLB team name. First come first serve. 7x7 scoring Standings will determine draft order Roster is 34 regular and 25 minor spots(15 year 1) Trades will be majority vote 100% payouts. Draft w
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