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  1. My idea was for all playoffs teams (8) to get a free entry for next year (14 teams- $200 entry) and the rest of the prize money be added to next season prize money (4k instead of 2.8k)
  2. Spurs streak of making the playoffs will probably not end also 🤣
  3. Talk to me baby, I need you, take the next game off if you need too, but come back next week, pretty.
  4. DA PROPHECY! come on, one more time!!!! promise I'll draft you again next year
  5. Well, that roto blurb and writer who said he would pick over 300 players before melo looks really smart right now....
  6. lost powell and cam johnson, LMA still with no timetable, Richardson has the worst concussion ever apparently, dipo cant play more than 1 game a week, DFS and SGA start missing games now and GOBERT HAS TO SHAT THE BED.....thankfully my playoffs start in week 22....get your act together boys..!
  7. Only players still on my roster from draft day are: Lillard, LMA, Gobert, Booker, SGA and Jrich...so yeah it has changed a lot...currently sitting pretty come playoff time.
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