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  1. I started this F’ing post and it has been high jacked 3 times now. WTF. Had a league ready to roll and was waiting for emails. This blows
  2. A few names but need emails. Only see your email and one other posted. League is set up and waiting to invite.
  3. Better chance of getting one draft started, so I would say yes.
  4. 2 running backs, 3 wr, 1 flex or 2rb, 2wr, and 2 flex?
  5. Typically do 2 be, 3 wr, 1 flex. If you do two flex, do you go down to 2wr?
  6. If we get a few more emails I will send out some invites
  7. I can. I do like setting up slightly different rules, but nothing crazy.
  8. Need people to commit to $50. Don’t want to sign 3 people up and fizzle out. Would be 6 teams making playoffs. 1 flex.
  9. Notice that. Must have been typing at same time. I would love auction. Maybe we should see which type more people are interested in.
  10. Would do espn auction or snake. $50 to $100. Any interest? If enough people post, I would get it rolling. Only will do 1point ppr though.
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