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  1. Want to do a $50 12 team 1 pt ppr auction tonight. Who is in. leave me your email for an invite. We each play all 12 teams, and then one extra random team. The two highest records will be the top two seeded teams and will receive a first round bye in the playoffs. The next 4 teams by record will be seeded 3-6. The tiebreaker if teams are tied will be total points scored, than Head to Head Record, than points against. Each team will be seeded each round based on the highest rated team playing the lowest team. Important Note: Tiebreakers during regular season are to be broken by most benc
  2. Can you switch the playoff tiebreaker to not be home team gets +3 points? I would be in if you could make it bench points or something more fair.
  3. Lets go guys. One more. I have one setup and ready to go if we get enough to join. We could do 10-12 and possibly move amount to $40 if needed
  4. I would do a $50 full point ppr espn. 12 team preferably.
  5. Need to have trades protected. Like the setup accept the trades
  6. No trade review? I would be in, but would like a majority vote on trades.
  7. Still willing to get going. Getting a little late. 6 teams make playoffs. 2nd round is reseeded.
  8. 1 IR spot as well. Looks like the superflex got filled. Still want to have this league tonight!
  9. I personally am not a superflex guy. Got to be 11 others out there that are the same.
  10. Draft would start as soon as we get everybody set up and paid.
  11. Just set up a normal 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 2 Flex 1 TE 1 K 1 defense $50 Auction on another thread if anybody is interested.
  12. Lets get an auction going tonight. $50 12 team ESPN. Payouts:$300 Superbowl winner$150 Superbowl runner-up$ 50 Winner of consolation game between semi-final losers$100 Most points scored regular season. Once we get enough going, I will send out a leaguesafe invite. I run 2 regular leagues and usually start 1 impromptu draft a year as well. Below is the link: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=2147648&inviteId=1e7eb4a8-3d20-4c11-bd1a-b0bdc79a0e81
  13. I am in for auction. $50 espn. Can that happen? I could probably get it set up.
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