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  1. Come on people. Not all at once. We can get something together.
  2. Who would be intersted if we can get 12 guys together? SHouldn't be that hard.
  3. IF we get several to reply quickly, I will start sending out invites.
  4. Anybody interested in a $50 auction tongiht. Would love 12 teams. If we get the interest, I could set it up. THanks!
  5. would be interested in ESPN draft. 1pt ppr $50
  6. Lets go boys! Easy money here. I know I am a dip**** that just likes to have fun.
  7. I personally like $50. but would settle either way.
  8. Most guys want 3 WR's and possibly two flex starting. Can you add add the WR and consider two flexes. Would need to increase roster size by one or two as well
  9. Why not 50 bro? You will get everybody to join for that price.
  10. These drafts will pop up nightly for the next 4 weeks. 5 more minutes than kick me out and roll with it. No hard feelings!
  11. Give it another 10 minutes if you don't get anybody, go ahead and cut me and draft. I am Team Hammer Time! Just make sure to refund my money. Thank you!
  12. Possibly open up one more spot and the first one to pay is in.
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