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  1. All Valley Invitational - .5 PPR, 12 team snake, redraft. $50 through Leaguesafe. Draft order to be set manually the day of the draft, per KDS preferences submitted by all owners, and with order of draft slot selection determined through FFToolbox randomizer. You rank your preferred draft spots, and then we run the randomizer. Whoever gets the first pick from the randomizer is then assigned their highest preference draft slot, and we move down the line from there. If interested DM or reply below.
  2. Long established 10 team 6X6 OBP, SLG, HR, R, RBI, St, W, ERA, WHIP, IP, SVHLD, K FAAB waivers drafting 03/27 9:30pm Good group of owners, most of whom have been in the league since year 1. We have 1 opening. DM or reply if interested.
  3. Sorry for the loss of your leaguemate. Thank you for the detailed post. Is the draft order already set? How is the buy in handled? Leaguesafe?
  4. Any openings? Dhalder929@gmail.com
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