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  1. Im in the same boat as you. Noah is on my waiver but I find it very hard to pull the trigger yet. Saric was great last year....his minutes and reb are still there this year....I just hope Saric finds his shot sooner than later.
  2. This guy is garbage. He looks lost and has no confidence out there. He single-handedly destroyed my FG% this week. Really close to dropping him
  3. Danny was still available in your league up to this point? Good pick up, no brainer for Cedi.
  4. Totally agree. Drop City for me. I cant stand a player who destroys my FG and TO's...aint no one got time for that!
  5. Diallo usually shoots well but IDK if he shoots enough to make a difference for you. Jarell was hot and has a great schedule but he was in foul trouble today. With only two moves left, are you sure you want to use 1 now? Especially for iffy pickups...
  6. I would pick up dedmon personally, I wish he was available in my league.
  7. Sucks that John Collins is out tomorrow - picked him up back in November and hes been great but I am in the semi's of the playoffs right now and need games. Was thinking of dropping him for either Mike Muscala (who plays tomorrow and then Wed&Thurs), Diallo (who plays the next 3 days in a row), or Nerlens Noel (has 3 games and no b2b). Any thoughts? As always, will WHIR.
  8. I did, hes currently on the roster and the fact he practiced 5 on 0 with the starters for 35 mins is encouraging. I really do appreciate everyone's input!
  9. Whats funny is that after you said that, I went and looked at my team. For the past 4 weeks or so, I was able to win both FG and FT. However, on the season, Im 9-11 in FG and 10-10 in FT. I have winning records in Threes, Points, Reb, Ast, steals, blocks. Im 9-11 in TO's. So you were spot on with your assessment.
  10. Oh wow...that was extremely generous of you to put together such a detailed and thoughtful response to my question. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you in. I will definitely take your advice into consideration. Best of luck in the playoffs!
  11. Thats what Im afraid of...that adding him may hurt a bit...and the fact that he only plays 3 games in week 23 and I have 12 guys going on the 23rd doesnt help the situation either. What does sideways mean? sorry, fantasy basketball term noob lol
  12. So for the entire year, I have an emphasis on winning FG and FT. I am currently in first place in a 12 team H2H league and have the bye next week. I picked up John Wall but Im concerned that he may hurt my team more than help since he has been shooting horrible FG and FT all year. I have Kuzma already hurting my FG and FT on some nights....Your thoughts are much appreciated and I will help out in return. My team is as follows: PG: Wall, Schroder, Satoransky SG: CJ, Ingles, Thrill Barton SF: Middleton, Kyle Anderson PF: Bjelica, Kuzma, C: KAT, Valanciunas, John C
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