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  1. Sad Bulls fan here.. They don't need him to win tonight. They don't need a lot of their players to win actually.
  2. Hmm.. I hope you're right! I'm pulling for the Trebucher.
  3. Does Boucher really have any good matchups? Keep hearing it's just Embiid, but what will he do against AD, Gobert, Towns, Bam, Vuc, etc.. All of the big name centers should smoke him.
  4. Plumlee! A starting center on a terrible team? I'll take some of that.
  5. I know the FT % for Lonzo looks brutal, but he takes so few attempts per game that it's not a problem. I like Lonzo here.
  6. Posted some very respectable numbers @ 15.3 points, 2.7 boards, 3.3 assists in his rookie campaign. Have to imagine that he's a large part of the Heat's future plans. Can we expect those numbers to rise or is Dragic the man to target? I feel like Nunn is getting slept on
  7. You nailed it. The floor for a lot of my mid to late round players is giving me the chills. Have been trying to assemble a solid 2 for 1, but it's difficult to do before the season starts.
  8. What a team... Being top heavy is definitely not a problem! I might hold off on Brooks. He's very one dimensional in offering 3's and you seem to have it covered with Steph, Booker and a few others. See how it goes with Bogdan.
  9. Jokic Guard and Big stats with one player, plus he hardly ever misses games. I'll take that every day.
  10. Gotta agree with nytimes. Team looks solid, but would definitely deal Hayes to a team that needs assists (his strongest suit).
  11. If you need the assists, definitely go for it! He can also chip in some steals. He will hurt your FG % more than Joe though.
  12. Every time I look at my roster, I feel kinda meh... Am I freaking out or does this team stink? 10 Team H2H 9 Cat G SGA, Lowry D. Murray, Smart, D. White, Fultz, Hayes, F AD, PG, Bazley C Nurkic, Bryant, B Lopez, Boucher
  13. Is this sustainable? How do you think the coach will handle back-to-backs?
  14. I'd rather have Prince, Smart or Dedmon than RHJ. If Richardson doesn't have eligibility on ESPN, then grab Smart.
  15. That's an incredibly solid 14 teamer. I gotta echo the Dirk and Mello (to a lesser extent) sentiment. I'd sell high on them both for a reliable option. They may just burn you in the playoffs.
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