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  1. Typically when every star aligns the train goes off the tracks.... then TNF to boot? Oh boy.
  2. Is he active tonight? Haven't seen or read any updates.
  3. Scotty Miller? Or am I one week late on this one? [...]
  4. my question as well. Can any Saints confirm if he’s used to shadow? Or just occupies one side of the field?
  5. The question is in redrafts, where would he currently go in drafts? 1st round?
  6. A lot of Tiger King naming potential with this guy - may be the sole reason to give him the nod. "Myles GASKIN, killed a LB, WHACKED em"
  7. The new shiny toys and recency bias with Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have completely put Rodgers on the back burner. This man can still make throws that almost no one else can. People forget he’s been making ridiculous circus throws that Mahomes does for over a decade now...
  8. Is it crazy to consider starting both Hines and Taylor in deeper leagues?
  9. I’d be interested to see the snap count breakdown, haven’t seen anything yet
  10. All the same questions. I’m surprised at the lack of color on this situation.
  11. Word is that golden Tate isn’t 100% yet....
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