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  1. I reckon he's still going to have a decent role ROS, he can play a number of positions and he makes the players around him better. I'm a believer that Vlade wouldn't let him get relegated to too small a role either.
  2. Minutes so encouraging, if he keeps mid 30s he's going to take it to the next level no doubt.
  3. Foul trouble in the third, would have hit close to 30 otherwise
  4. Ditto ^ this Fultz thing reeks, big unsubstantiated call here but I wouldn't be surprised if all of sudden he either needed an operation or this plagues him all season. Picked up McConnell for this scenario, watch and wait now.
  5. Chicago D Line starting to become a bit ravaged, their OLB just dropped out. Good signs for the Muzz.
  6. I don't understand why owners don't just grab Davis and chill. Yeah it's kind of annoying having to waste an extra roster spot but to me it puts you in a position to have a solid TE1 with elite upside every game.
  7. Came here expecting big Garcon news given the amount of posts, Garcon gonna need a new thread.....
  8. Based on what a tweet from two years ago? It's not likely at all.
  9. Mild bias as an owner but I think he's gonna finish between 14-20 and that's being conservative. If you remember back to the Ibaka first rounder days it seems a lot more reasonable and then you add in the fact that Myles seems to be just as involved on offense, if not more, than Ibaka was at the time.
  10. Early days but if he keeps this up he's looking at anywhere from a top 12-25 finish. Great ROI.
  11. To be fair he and Bron have similar offensive game and Bron's first year saw him shoot 41.7% FG 29% 3PTM and 75.4% FT. However, the major difference is that Bron was taking 19 shots a game and was basically expected to attack at every opportunity. As we all know volume and efficiency don't have a great friendship. I don't think he will take more than 12 shots from the field, that might sound low but given his bread and butter is around the rim a number of potential FGA are likely to become FTA. Probably will hurt you in FT% this season but I really can't see him sho
  12. Recently drafted him in a dynasty league and ran a projection for him. I had him at; 13.6 - 7.3 - 6.2 - 1.5 - 1.1 on 46.6% and 76.1%, 0.6 3s and 3.9 TO I think he will be more focused on being a distributor then a huge scorer this season, fg% largely dependant on how much he chooses to move outside his comfort zone and shoot the jumper. If he does then I can see his % dropping to low 40s, though long term this is good for his development. If he sticks to his bread and butter in just getting to the rack then it should remain somewhat respectable though that has implicat
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