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  1. My team is a bit of a mess this week and I'm in a must win situation this week and next. No reason to bench Gallman at RB and AJB at Flex over any of the guys below right? Gus Edwards, Snell, Pittman, Brian Hill, Wilkins
  2. Schultz seems to be the safer floor option and gets more targets. But the Tonyan upside seems higher for TDs due to Rodgers of course. I'm going up against Kelce this week so I'm leaning towards Tonyan but I don't want to take a 0 or close to that. Thoughts?
  3. I know never sit your studs. They just aren't feeding him like they should and last week was concerning going into a tough matchup against the Ravens. I watched AJB drop what would have been like a 75 yard TD last week. That stuff happens but to have no catches after that is insane. With all that said this feels like one of those start him and get barely anything or sit him and he goes off on my bench things. My options are below. Gio, Duke and Ahmed. Gio and Duke seem to have the safer floor I'd think but lack the AJB blow up potential most likely.
  4. Looks like Ben is playing but there's some high wind and rain throughout the game. Fade Ben and grab Carr or someone else listed above?
  5. Gio has the tougher matchup but it's hard to ignore what he's done as a starter. Even in a tough matchup maybe he gets even more catches? Which is gold for PPR. Duke has a better matchup and potential revenge game. Small sample size this year though so you never know.
  6. I have Mahomes on Bye. 6 points per QB TD. Lock Big Ben(sounds like he has a good chance to play this week) Carr Stafford Mayfield Foles Burrow Teddy B Luton
  7. Justin Jackson, DJ Dallas, Justin Jefferson, and McLaurin. As of now I have Jackson and McLaurin. I'm playing against the top team this week and I really want to beat him of course. Jefferson is tempting for his potential blow up games but he could also give me 2 points.
  8. I keep going back and forth on this one in my Standard non PPR league. Who do you like?
  9. Taylor(vs Bal), Dobbins(@ Indy), Dallas(@ Buf), Pollard(vs Pit), or Bell(vs Car) All options have some question marks and/bad matchups. My gut is saying Dobbins with the talent regardless of matchup and Gus still involved. Dallas is interesting based on last week but it sounds like Homer and Collins may be stealing touches. This feels like a bit of trap and a setup for a huge disappointment.
  10. Robinson hasn't looked great the past two weeks and Jacksonville coaches make stupid decisions. He keeps getting the job done at the end of the day in fantasy so far though even still. Gio always does really well without Mixon too though. I have to think he gets all the volume this week.
  11. PPR and my options over him are Gio and James White. If be crazy to sit JRob right?
  12. 10 Team PPR. I likely won't play any of these RBs outside of Injuries or if any become must starts. So this is more of bench depth stashing. I currently own D. Harris and J. White but there are some interesting RBs available. Drop what I have for any of them? Swift J. Kelley Dobbins Perine
  13. I also have Mostert in this mix too. But he's a wait and see this week right given my options?
  14. I'm a little concerned from what I saw with Taylor last week and how Indy is still winning and the RBBC going on here. Tough matchup for Boyd but he's been very consistent so far. Lamb has been a solid floor and getting better and gaining more trust as their WR2 each week it seems.
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