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  1. we will never know. or atleast have to wait until next year but i think AD is a much better shooter than giannis and you cant really compare the 2. ad has avged over 33% from 3 since he started to really shoot the three ball and is 80% from the ft line his entire career. 5 straight 80% years. giannis has never sniffed 80% for a season. sample size over 23 games when ad wasnt playing his best all around ball vs 5 years of being a great ft shooter and top 5 fantasy player? championship hangover or just coasting in regular season. as for nurk have to say his 2019 was for an outlier not
  2. ? ad 17th overall per game. and i would bet that his 71% ft% would of positively regressed back to his mean ft%. hes been low 80's for years. (punt ft% and ad jumps up to 3 overall.) ad only played 23 games so i have to think most, if not all his numbers would of increased a tad along with that ft%
  3. dont think most are using the term bust correctly. anybody that went in the early couple rds returning top 50 value isnt a bust ayton, sga ect anybody inj isnt a bust. anyone can get inj anyone cant get rested. a bust is a player that didnt sniff close to the adp in pergame value while healthy. nurk and morant are only 2 that i see non inj related early rd bust whitside, adams lma, bledsoe for middle rds
  4. i think 16.5 pts at 67% (last 30 days) is a more appealing line than 20 pts as a lesser fg% anchor. 3 total stock avg last 14 days
  5. yea serious now my opponent without kd and edwards who had a full slate of games on monday gain two more game by it being ppd until light schdule tues. wtf. same guy with 4 games from his entire team gets another pos lucky advantage
  6. my bid for jalen mcdaniels broke yahoo. srry. no faab for baseball either.
  7. dont know who or where i read it (maybe JJJ thread idk) but thanks to whoever posted jo vals numbers without JJJ. basically the only reason he was on my draft radar this year.
  8. only watched the first two inn because i really dont care but dude catches alot of plate. as long as the fb is 96-97 and cutter low 90s he should be a decent sp5 for fantasy
  9. dudes chucking over 5 3pt attempts at 24% (3/6 tonight) is he just taking low quality 3pt attempts or is he just a bad shooter right now?
  10. i mean hes healthy (knock on wood) on a winning team so no load management and he has 4 games every week. he will be more valuable than many 1st rd players ROS
  11. i got called a total c*nt and told to microwave my d*ck for offering buxton for ozuna ha. guess someones a little mad im going to 8-2 him.
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