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  1. TBH he qualifies for C. He's got better stats that the vast majority in the C position,
  2. OMG I hear you. I can't believe the Dodgers are taking this much time to call him up. At what point do we drop and move on?
  3. Well that's not definitive! I hear you!
  4. Who would you rather have? Should I trade my Swanson for their I.Happ in a redraft league? I need more 2B and my other two SS are Story and Lindor
  5. Am I missing something. Why is no one a believer in this guy. He was absolutely dominant in the minors and seems to be pretty dominant now. Do you have to have a high 90's FB to be a dominant pitcher in MLB?
  6. I can't say I won't find a winning lottery ticket on the ground tomorrow and become rich. Unlikely, but it could happen. I think most baseball experts would bet on Lux not having the same level of offensive production than Trout. I was merely stating I would not hang onto him with all the competition and the shortened season unless I planned on keeping him next year.
  7. You gotta keep Robert! Montas is good, but he is not on the same level.
  8. True, but Lux is not Mike Trout or even close.
  9. I dropped him. Unless you think he will be a keeper for you next year I just don't see the point. It's not like he is a Trout like player. You may regret the drop, but probably not in this shortened year
  10. You know what's funny is after I posted that my draft went live in a Yahoo pro league and I was assigned the number one draft position. I had to choose between Acuna and Trout. I looked at their numbers last year and I had to go with Acuna because of the SB's
  11. So with the delayed season does McKay have more value this year?
  12. Trout of course. He is in his prime years right-now and I foresee him having his best year ever this year. He has better number at his age than any person who has ever played baseball.
  13. Suzuki, Barnhart, or Chirinos?
  14. Should I drop Pillar for Hamilton?
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