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  1. Would be a great day to promote him on Jackie Robinson Day!
  2. I think I’m picking him up this week but possibly benching but I’m really leaning towards the fact that he might actually be decent. FWIW
  3. What’s everyone using as a guideline in reference to rankings or AdP? (i.e. past several years I’ve used fantasypros)
  4. Thank you, staring at all of those options I start to doubt my initial thoughts
  5. Thanks and I agree with the above. Just not thrilled with Robles most likely batting 9th.
  6. 12 Team 5x5 H2H (off. - RBI, R, HR, SB & OBP.) Luke Voit — FA Eloy Jimenez — FA Vladimir Guerrero Jr. — FA Ronald Acuna Jr. — 19th (2 years left) Fernando Tatis Jr. — FA Nick Senzel — FA Victor Robles — 19th (2 years left) Peter Alsonso — FA We’re able to keep 4 players for 3 seasons max. Number in (#) is what round the player will cost me this season with FA costing last round picks. Assuming keeping Acuna, Eloy, Vlad & one other but add your own thoughts please. Mine aren’t set in stone. Thanks
  7. What’s his ETA this season? I haven’t checked his service time if that’s the issue.
  8. IMO if Williams gets the starting job in KC he’s top 7 at least and I don’t even see his name mentioned yet by anyone.
  9. Its not like hopped off the couch and rattled off those 100 yard games all by himself. The Rams was the perfect team and situation for that to happen. It wouldn’t have happened with anyone else at this point in this season and if it wasn’t for the Rams there wouldn’t even be a “C.J. Anderson 2019 Outlook” thread.
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