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  1. It's a smart move. An interception is probably only a yard difference than a punt. Why not fish the flag. It's not like Murray baiting weak roughness calls hasn't worked out . Sometimes the best play isn't what looks good on a stat sheet.
  2. It's not just Yahoo having issues with this. Lorenzen played OF last night and ESPN still hasn't credited his pitching stats from last night.
  3. He is on pace to exceed all of his R/HR/RBI pre-season expectations by all the major projection systems. Maybe you are just expecting too much.
  4. Gotta love dynamic players willing to take a risk to punish lollygagging, makes the game much more exciting. It's just too bad Brault gets charged for his 2B being inattentive.
  5. Hope its nothing related to his previous head issues. He had a rather lengthy DL stint due to vertigo last season.
  6. I’m not too concerned, his 162 avg is currently 105 R, 24 HR, 77 RBI, 20 SB. Not going to overreact to what might just be a little slump.
  7. Just saw this in an SI article. This just can't be reality. Jose's OPS+ the last 2 seasons were 145 and 150. As an owner in Dynasty and one redraft, this just makes me profoundly sad and confused.
  8. BvP history isn’t always the most important part of picking streamers but 0-17 is usually a bad sign.
  9. He’s generally not great against lefties and Hurdle even LOOGY’ed him earlier. Just hit and RBI single though.
  10. He seems to have gotten his timing in sync but I'm not sure he'll ever get his power back. I feel like I am watching the decline of Todd Helton all over again. It's depressing.
  11. Daniel Hudson starts for Toronto, who is their middle man long guy?
  12. He’s K’ed 9 out of 9 batters he faced the last three nights. One away from joining Gagne and Seaver. Maybe he just really likes San Diego.
  13. Do you think the Dodgers would prefer him to start games in the regular season or postseason? They are going to make it to the playoffs. No reason to waste bullets.
  14. Just hit his 4th oppo shot in 5 games but yeah, he’s got no power...
  15. I’m not a big believer in first/second half players but if you look back at 2016 and 2017 he had massively better second halves. 2018 might have been Dozier’s cliff or just injury but I’m not sure since I have never owned him I’ve never payed enough attention to know his injury history.
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