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  1. Seemed like he was having a lot of groin pain. I hope he's alright but from a fantasy perspective this might be good for Senzel owners.
  2. Scooter just just got helped off the field due to an apparent groin issue. It's easy for the Reds to use the crowded OF/learning CF excuse but if Scooter has to miss time the Reds might have a tougher time explaining going with Dietrich or Iglesias (Peraza to 2B) over Senzel.
  3. Whenever I see a player get these huge numbers that take a good percentage of their clubs total salary I kind of wonder why they don't just ask for the Bonilla treatment. Like couldn't Trout just have asked for like 5 million per year for ten years after the contract? Bringing down that AAV would help you win and still get paid.
  4. I don’t disagree with the sleeper sentiment and would be elated if the stars align but I guess that it’s just my stoic nature to expect that it will not happen. I try not to be pessimistic or optimistic about these things and never expect the best possible outcome but always support the smartest decisions. If they were to sign Pollack that would be a win now move I am down with and move the window but since I doubt that happens I don’t want them to dive in to a multi year deal to a starter when there is a better FA class next year. Either way I am more excited about 2
  5. This exactly. I’m not sure why we are even theorizing the what if’s of possible Reds signings. They shouldn’t and hopefully won’t make any big signings this off season. Teams in their market situation need to rely on picking their window and 2019 before Senzel/Greene/Trammel is not the time to go for it. This is just a gap year. They sacrificed Jeter Downs so it would be fun to watch them play this year, that simple. They just need to be patient, trade Scooter once Senzel comes up and sign one of aces on the market next year. Before 2010 they had a 15 year playoff droug
  6. I get that, but those are the reasons from an organizational standpoint. Also it doesn’t really matter that we as fantasy players what guys “bring to the table” the reality is that teams can get more from a player if they are on a hot streak and there’s no way for a guy to heat up on the bench.
  7. There are a few reasons that the Reds are juggling their 4 primary outfielders. Winker is not great against lefties. He is a pretty bad fielder. The Reds probably want to trade Adam Duvall or Billy Hamilton and benching them would suppress value. Scott Schebler’s all around game is just as good as Winker’s.
  8. Over the last month his batting average is .309 and his slugging percentage is .500 So.... yes
  9. Just left the game. Injured his left arm following through on a swinging strike. Seemed to be grabbing his elbow. Poor guy just seems to keep breaking down one body part at a time.
  10. Do we really want to memify a closer with a fictional character whose best moment is a massive explosion?
  11. Absolutely. I'm not watching, so just curious how his control and composure looks.
  12. This kid was walking 2.2 per 9 and walks 3 in his first 2 innings of his debut. Obviously he's being smacked around but is he also perhaps just nervous?
  13. Not sure how Candelario's "double" got scored as such... I understand when a ball lands in no mans land or there is confusion and no one touches it but that was an error.
  14. Giles is a headcase and Ramirez took him to 17 pitches and hit a double. I guarantee he'll be having nightmares of that AB tonight
  15. The Reds are not going to easily give up on Bailey. Throwing away 44 million over this season and the next is a tough pill to swallow.
  16. Looks to be the great ex-Cardinal, Tony Cruz. Hopefully Tuck can do his best Sal Perez impersonation and just catch 85% of the time. Happy for Mes though, he may not be an all star but he has too much offensive potential to be the back up on a 100+ loss team.
  17. Schebler and Duvall both homered so it’s not like Winker outdid either of them and Price wants to continue rotating evenly. If tomorrow he runs out Duvall/Hamilton/Winker tomorrow that would give all four guys 3 starts. Seems to be his plan until there is a decent in season sample size to work with.
  18. Yeah, but how would you feel if I told you I'd pay 114 million for you to show up to work everyday for the next 4 years? Even if you completely suck at your job and it was embarrassing as hell, there is no way you would turn that money down.
  19. I think he’s one of those guys that will develop in to reliable 25 HR power. 35 isn’t out of the realm of possibility but it would be a luck induced ceiling like one of those bonkers Mauer/Ellsbury sort of years.
  20. Vince Coleman went from .350/.431 in A to .257/.323 in AAA before being given the reigns to lead off in 1985 for the Cards. I am sure the Reds were thinking along those lines especially since Billy was the first player to steal 100 bags in a minor league season since Vince. I'm not a big fan of speed as the most important factor in the lead off spot, it's just my suspicion this is what the Reds front office had in mind when they gave Billy his big shot.
  21. Billy had a good walk rate through A+/AA which dropped in AAA in 2013, the year he was initially called up and the Reds have been dreaming on those 2012 minors numbers coming back for the last 3 seasons. Now that they have a 4 season sample size to look back on it should seem pretty obvious that he is not a lead off hitter and Winker at least vs RHP is worth a long good look.
  22. I really like him hitting in the 2 hole. Although he does struggle against lefties I don't think he's doomed to platoon, he's still young enough to figure out improvement on that front. Pretty much Shin-Soo Choo without the steals and that worked out extremely well for the Reds back in 2013. Could very well be Robin to Votto's Batman for the next few year. I think 280/370/450 is reasonable with a possibility of 290+ if he can figure out lefties a bit. RBI will of course be pretty scarce if the Reds keep B-Ham but with Votto right behind him and a combo of Suarez/Duvall/Schebler in
  23. Yeah 2 ships in 20 years isn't nearly as depressing as the Browns big picture tale of misery but they are definitely looking at a pretty loooong, sad rebuild and don't even have any real blue chip pieces in the farm. Not a single top 100 prospect is pretty scary. I mean, shouldn't we consider Seattle to be pretty terrible? As for naming the Reds that is pretty silly, while not run exceptionally well 3 playoff appearances in 4 years between 2010-2013 is better than a lot of teams over the last decade. The Bailey and Mesoroco signings were real short term albatrosses bu
  24. Just need 2 more points from Drake. As a Buffalo D owner it looks like the most improbable difference maker if I lose will be Vinatieri kicking a 43 yard extra point in a blizzard.
  25. An occasional case of the Hall of Great guy getting in purely because of postseason immortality. I mean Mazeroski was a great fielder and all but certainly not a Hall of Famer in my mind. Pitching a 10 inning complete game shutout in game 7 is probably on par with hitting a game 7 WS winning HR.
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