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  1. This game is the exact opposite of the Colts/Bills strugglefest. Good football this week.
  2. Yeah no way he stops at 100, just starting to get in the groove.
  3. http://buffalonews.com/2017/12/10/see-it-whiteout-conditions-are-new-era-field-before-bills-colts/ Looks like McCoy all day long. Snow bowl 2.0
  4. Starting in FLEX. Tempering expectations but a solid floor with crummy weather combined with the Bills lacking a QB and shaky run defense makes for a pretty safe play with some upside in my opinion.
  5. I seem to remember Shady loves running in the snow. The Bills might not even need to pass the ball, so I think playing up the Peterman angle might be fools gold.
  6. He has been riding my bench most season for depth but I think this week seems like a plus matchup for good old Frank to get yardage and find the end zone. Obviously he doesn’t get much attention with his solid floor low ceiling play but he’s scored 6+ in 10 of 12 games in standard leagues against predominantly strong run defenses. With the Bills weak run D he could be a pretty good flex play.
  7. Watkins or one of the Raiders guys (Patterson or Roberts) How safe is Roberts floor vs the other guys boom potential?
  8. Have Seth Roberts available as well as a FA. Surprised to see people think Watkins vs Peterson is better odds than one of the Raiders guys vs the awful Giants D.
  9. Drake all the way, good volume and weakened Broncos D seems like a safe floor with a high ceiling.
  10. Figuring out my WR3 and Flex, Non-PPR pick 2 Sammy Watkins, Cord Patterson, Frank Gore, Zay Jones.
  11. I would love it if he comes back since I am stuck with him as a keeper but I think the Rams will slaughter the Cards next week. I think we basically need a miracle to happen for DJ to make a return.
  12. I'm starting to think Drew Brees will never throw a touchdown pass again.
  13. It’s true, if you are an ambitious, intelligent, megalomaniacal sociopath the possibilities of what you can achieve in America is pretty limitless. Jerry Jones is the perfect personality to be a force in this industry.
  14. Well he is being suspended for violation of the personal conduct policy not necessarily just the domestic abuse which I agree is a weak argument. It really can't be denied that he drunkenly pulled down a woman's shirt in public. Is the NFL allowed to suspend a player for it acting like a perv in public? Yes. Is it unreasonable to suspend a player 6 games for acting like an idiot in public? Yes, but Goodell has all the say in the matter and if he wants to make it look like the NFL cares about domestic abuse, he can tack the sketchy accusations on to the undeniable misbehavior of Zeke.
  15. There is a difference between sitting the last two games because of a freshly healed hamstring tear and sitting out five games because of a wrist dislocation. I'm no doctor but the difference in severity and likelihood of reinjury seems pretty obvious to me.
  16. 100% Teams benching worn down hobbled guys in week 16 and 17 is one thing, but no fully healthy star player is going to sit out 5 or 6 games. I think absolute worst case scenario is Johnson in a bit of a time share with Peterson to limit wear and tear but he'll still definitely be a fantasy asset capable of gaining big chunks of yards on limited carries.
  17. Nope fantasy football has no morals, it's all part of the game. At least you don't have to worry too much about Zeke's performance though, beating girlfriends is his specialty.
  18. Dee is on his heels, he probably just wants a few pinch running spots to keep his SB title.
  19. I imagine there will still be a home plate umpire, I think the only difference would be that he is told whether the pitch was a ball or strike. He would still occupy the same space and signal the outcomes.
  20. There have been plenty of players who adopted weird batting stances to minimize the strike zone and umpires definitely went along with those "shenanigans". I mean maybe setting the high low parameters would be part of the home plate umps job in the automated zone era. Once the hitter is in his stance as determined by the ump he hits a clicker each pitch and the tracking technology establishes the zone at the moment. I don't think the tech is there yet but once it is I don't see a problem with using computers that have been proven to be accurate. As for the "Everyone trusts the Fox
  21. Just seems to have broken his nose by hitting ball of the plate in to his own face. Poor guy just can't get a break.
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