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  1. Hurt during his at bat. Maybe every pitcher should just stop trying and take the Cueto approach to hitting.
  2. Suarez has a .365 OBP... Schebler is not the team leader in HR... Other than Joey Votto, Suarez gets on base better than anyone else in the current lineup, so I understand you'd prefer it if Schebler's HR were more timely but get your facts straight.
  3. I think your feeling is wrong. I think most people who drafted Hamilton probably did so with the entire purpose of him carrying one cat so they could massively invest in the rest of their hitting, much the same way an owner might draft one elite closer early and play the sagnof game for saves. SB and SV are specialty cats and usually I assume people who draft extreme specialty players do so as a part of well thought out strategy.
  4. Look if the guy is running away in SB by a wide margin then he clearly has other speed guys on his team... That is a diversity of stat situation and I'm not saying trading Billy would be a bad idea but to trade off a player for less than his general market value out of a sense of urgency before the season is even halfway over is silly. Further to say that every team should use the strategy of "use his first half SB and flip him" is just flawed thinking. One guy with low HR and RBI can easily be compensated in these slugger happy times, if you draft a team with zero speed there's not as easy a
  5. The fact that an owner drafted too many SB does not negate the value of Billy's steals. That is his fault for not diversifying properly. He may never be a .300 hitting first rounder but health permitting 90+ Runs and 60+ steals has a hefty price tag, especially in roto. In case you hadn't noticed homers are up league wide, so there are quite a few Justin Bours but there are only a few Billy Hamiltons. That's not a knock on Bour, who is a fine player to own but scarcity affects price, that's just how it works.
  6. Just left the game after hitting a home run. Anybody see what happened?
  7. Not sure he'll make the century mark without Trout but I wonder what the record is for the lowest OPS in a 100+ RBI season. Sitting at .681 that's gotta be a contender if he keeps up at this pace.
  8. He's looking absolutely unstoppable... I think the only thing to worry about at this point is the HR Derby curse.
  9. Not really. I think he starts tonight for sure and unless he stays blistering hot Thursday really depends on how Schebler's shoulder feels. I wouldn't bank on him this weekend against the Dodgers with Hill and Wood in line to start.
  10. 293/330/447 vs RHP 186/239/265 vs LHP Pretty straight forward, if he could hit lefties he would be an every day starter for some team but since he can't he is just a bench bat platoon type player. Useful in daily leagues if you have the bench space.
  11. Nope, reported as a left shoulder strain and according to the Reds beat reporter neither he nor Schebler should have to go on the DL. So probably just going to rest a couple days or so.
  12. This is pretty much the ideal situation for the Reds as well. There's sure to be a playoff contender in need of SS help willing to pay up if Zack keeps on hitting like an all star on top of his always exemplary fielding.
  13. I thought pulling more was the sign of old age... Look at Pujols these days, he operates entirely on baseball IQ and pulling the ball since he no longer has a lower half.
  14. Where does he go once Forsythe is back? I am enjoying the production for now but don't expect it for long. He'll most likely be droppable once he is just filling in every third day.
  15. Have a league where I didn't draft much pitching with the intent to do a good amount of streaming to supplement a few solid starters. Drafted Maeda, Sanchez, Paxton, Felix and Nola... As a Reds fan I was pretty hyped to have snagged Garrett early on, before he got demoted. Lucky enough to have drafted Bedrosian and Familia too. There is no God.
  16. I'm not sure if anything is ever gonna beat the pop up sac fly...
  17. No Zimmerman today I suppose even Gods need a little bit of rest. Guess I'll just have to slide Miggy out of his everyday Utility slot.
  18. It's a good sign that he has been getting hammered by the Yankees. I love the guy but sometimes he just doesn't have it.
  19. Last year he surrendered 5 or more runs in 6 of his 30 starts last year. He has some blow ups but in the end the numbers are there. Dropping would be unwise imo but I understand if you are in H2H and just don't want to deal with volatility but dropping in roto would be a terrible, terrible decision.
  20. It's always entertaining to watch a good pitcher do his thing but there were 36 CGSO last year. Sometimes good offenses go cold. I mean kudos to Tanaka for a game well pitched against a division rival but it's not like he did anything worth an explosion of comments.
  21. I know this feeling. I do one early draft team every year to try and get more sleeper guys before the spring hype trains arrive. Among my first 10 picks are Turner, Correa, Frazier JD-Mart, Lucroy and Maeda. Rolling around with the back half of my roster as my every day players and the only reason I'm not in dead last is Thames, Zimmerman and Moose.
  22. It's crazy how one half season of could leave such an impression. Five seasons later I still have this voice in the back of my mind saying "Remember when Chase Headley was a God? He could totally do it again!"
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