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  1. Would've thought you'd go with Chum Buckets
  2. The weirdest thing with his season so far is ft% is his worst stat according to BBM. If he was hitting fts at his career average he'd be a top 100 player or so. Nothing spectacular and now it's already over 30 games of him shooting fts that bad, but if you want to believe in a resurgence it's he keeps getting the higher minutes and hits some fts. Fine for 14+, borderline for 12+, but upside looking low either way.
  3. People are way too insane over this guy. His usage is down from 25ish with the Bucks to 20ish this year. He's taking and making more threes, but assists and rebounds are down. FG% is down as you would expect with him taking more threes, as is ft attempts. His ft% should go up, but otherwise he is what people drafted him as in mid/late rounds - a somewhat worse version of the Bucks version of himself but perfectly serviceable in most formats. Some upside in that if one of the other high usage guys on the team gets hurt he would get a bump in value since he can handle the ball and run offense.
  4. He's a career 73% ft shooter. Not that that changes your accurate assessment of him as can be more appealing than Biyombo.
  5. He started pretty slow last season. Fairly similar stats for his first five October games: 5 29.0 4.6-10.6 43.4 2.0-4.4 45.5 3.6-4.8 75.0 0.2 4.0 4.2 3.6 0.0 1.2 2.2 3.2 14.8 Lack of steals and bad fg% despite taking way less threes so far is worrisome. Going to hope it's like last season where he sort of plays himself into shape and gets better each month.
  6. He can definitely shoot. Are people thinking pick him up in deeper leagues already?
  7. The amount of threes he is taking is actually the real concern for me. He's a career 33.6% three point shooter. Him taking double the threes is not great. Does not need a lot of shots to get his value but hopefully his shots come more at the rim as otherwise that fg% is not going to normalize.
  8. All he needs is minutes. Doesn't need a lot of shots to produce value. His line is already nothing to panic about and pretty typical for him after not racking up much to start the game.
  9. From this article: https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2020/10/8/21507230/cardinals-offense-problems-kliff-kingsbury-kyler-murray-deandre-hopkins "According to Pro Football Focus, the Cardinals’ offensive line ranks 22nd in pass blocking (65.8) and is 31st in run blocking (48.3). It explains why Arizona running backs Kenyan Drake (3.8 yards per carry) and Chase Edmonds (3.7) have been mostly ineffective as ballcarriers." So definitely not promising. That offense is just struggling right now.
  10. So what's the consensus for him? BBM has him projected at 11 pts, 9 rbs, 0.8 stl, 1blk, barely any threes, 52% fg 75% ft. They are not projecting him that highly. Playoff schedule for the bulls is bad. Are people expecting more from him or is he a 75-100 guy ROS?
  11. I made the same move in a 10 team. Could end up having value later on with injuries, and maybe if the Cavs start shutting players down, but seeing as how they traded for Drummond it does not seem like they are prioritizing developing the young guys. Then again I have no idea what the Cavs are doing so who knows.
  12. Are you guys holding? Is he a 12 team guy? Blocks haven't really showed up yet.
  13. I took Vuc in the sixth round. At the time I was seriously considering taking Gary Harris, but figured I needed another center since the only center I took in the first five rounds was Enes Kanter in round five. So yes I took Kanter ahead of Vuc and almost took Gary Harris instead of Vuc. I still thought Vuc was great value in round 6 at the time, but none of us saw this coming so don't beat yourself up over it.
  14. His schedule next week makes him a hold unless he's terrible for the rest of this week. Very few teams play on Monday and Wednesday, and only about half on Sunday. Conversely Tuesday and Saturday are so game heavy people are going to have too many games to play everyone.
  15. Anyone thinking sell high with the level his fg% is at? He did shoot 48% two years ago and his 3pt% doesn't seem that off his last couple years so maybe 49-51 fg% is a real possibility? According to BBM fg% is giving him the most value of any other category right now so slightly worried if he regresses back to 45-48% he'll lose a lot of value - he's currently top 36 for fg% value added.
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