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  1. Probably Shenault, I just don't trust him week in and out
  2. If PPR hold onto CMC. If standard I would only trade for Henry, if you believe you will not make the playoffs by holding onto CMC.
  3. Start Mixon, I would not drop either of those receivers.
  4. I would do the trade for either runningback. I actually prefer Gurley over Hunt. Just think Hunt is going to cool off unless he starts getting more touches. His touches have been low
  5. I think I would do this, but you are losing a little bit in TE and getting depth at RB. Its early in the season, so you might be able to trade a RB later to improve your team.
  6. Interesting trade, I think I would not do it. But I am very high on Taylor
  7. I think it is a fair trade. If he accepts probably depends on what he has currently on his bench. If he is weak at receiver then he probably will.
  8. Standard scoring, who would you want ROS
  9. I agree the Metcalf side is better in this trade
  10. I would do this trade as you have plenty of depth at runningback
  11. This is tough, would you need Gallup as a starter? If so then I would probably stay with what you have
  12. I would play Wilson over Reed, much safer play and probably also higher upside
  13. Yes, I would pick him up using your waiver claim. So far this year he has not done, much but the potential is there.
  14. Valdez-Scantling, but this is one you should go with your gut. It would not surprise me if any of these three end up having the best week
  15. Probably Lewis as I think Reed value goes away after this week
  16. Standard Scoring --- Need to start two RB and one TE Antonio Gibson at Cleveland David Johnson at Pittsburgh Kareem Hunt vs. Washington Dallas Goedert vs. Cinncinnati Hayden Hurst vs. Chicago
  17. If Devante Adams plays, I go Fitz, if not stay with taylor
  18. I sit Gordon, and I don't think it is very close. Until I see anyone run on Pittsburgh I am benching
  19. I would sit Johnson, but I think it is close with Mclauren
  20. I actually think that the saints might use Murray alot, but I would play Campbell this week
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