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  1. Nice problem to have at quarterback. The problem is they both play teams they should beat, so I am not sure how much they will need to score. I go Allen this week as I think the opponent has a better chance of putting up a fight
  2. This is a tough call and I probably would tell you to go with your gut. I have it as Moore then Fuller then Campbell. Would help to know if ppr, but I think for this group it would be the same
  3. Standard Scoring -- Need 1 WR and 1 TE Emmanuel Sanders @ Raiders Corey Davis vs. Jacksonville Devante Parker (if plays) vs. Buffalo Dallas Goedert vs Rams Hayden Hurst @ Dallas
  4. I think I would go with your gut. Any one of these guys could be the best play. I think it will be Gesicki
  5. Until we see what Edelman does with Cam, I think Scott is the right choice.
  6. I would go with Hunt and Thompson. If you think you need to go for ceiling play then go Hunt and Gibson.
  7. I am between White or Robinson. I probably go White
  8. I think game script will lead to more chances for Shenault, but this is really a coin flip. Go with your gut
  9. I go Smith for this one. I think with Goedert you are hoping on a TD
  10. I would go with Singletary, I think he has the safest floor for game 1.
  11. This is an even trade, really depends on what you have left on your team. Without knowing your teams, I would rather have A
  12. It has to be Woods, Don't over think this one
  13. Standard scoring Emmanual Sanders at home vs. Tampa Bay Devante Parker at New England Little worried about Stephon Gilmore on Parker. Who would you start
  14. I would trust him over the others you state
  15. If hooper is healthy I would play him. I just see them behind and throwing.
  16. Sit Devin, otherwise my second choice would be Sanders. I am worried he gets less run with Scott
  17. I would probably go Miller, but Laird is the safest pick
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