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  1. I go Mostert. Just seems to have same floor in this matchup and much higher ceiling
  2. I would go Tannehill. I think they have same upside, but injury concerns for Winston
  3. Standard Scoring Will Fuller @ Tennessee Dede Westbrook @ Oakland
  4. If Parker is healthy, I am put him in over Deebo. That is a tossup, but if healthy I would
  5. Higbee maybe, but not Njoku. I would stay with Hunter
  6. I just can't imagine not starting Lamar. I think you have to
  7. I would start Higbee, he has been good as of late. I am just not sure how long Andrews will play
  8. I would go Gallup. I think they will be behind and Cooper being covered by Ramsey
  9. I would leave as you have it, but put in Washington in flex if Jacobs does not play
  10. I do not trust Conner this week. It seems risky knowing the last game he played he left early.
  11. Washington if no Jacobs, otherwise Brown
  12. To me it comes down to Fitz or Goff. If Parker plays I would go Fitz, otherwise Goff
  13. Robby has been good as of late, I think I would start him
  14. Standard Scoring Mark Ingram vs. Jets Raheem Mostert vs. Atlanta Who you starting
  15. Murray for sure then toss up between edmunds and ekeler. I go edmunds
  16. I think i would start engram, williams close second
  17. Everett is both safer and better chance to boom
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