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  1. I would drop agholor first followed by Ekeler
  2. It would be Engram for sure and then I would go with Woods
  3. I would not as I do not think Smith is going to be the full time starter. In close games it will be Morris.
  4. I do not think this is close. Start Cousins
  5. I would play Cousins. After seeing what he did to Minnesota last week I would not bench him.
  6. Pick 2 RB's to Start -- Standard Scoring Alfred Morris vs. Philadelphia Joe Mixon at Denver Ameer Abdullah at Chicago Demarco Murray at Pittsburgh Doug Martin at Miami
  7. Big Ben is the right call http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678573-hilton-or-brown/
  8. I think I would play Pryor. I believe that will be a high scoring game http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678573-hilton-or-brown/
  9. Ivory, not even close http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678573-hilton-or-brown/
  10. Kamara, Ajayai and Mixon. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678573-hilton-or-brown/
  11. Standard Scoring, Pick 1 TY Hilton vs. Jags John Brown vs. Rams
  12. I think we are in for a 60-40 split in favor of Murray when he is healthy. He looked like the better all round running back last night.
  13. I would go with Perine. I think he is going to get between 15-20 carries.
  14. I like Miller with the new qb. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676319-pick-2-rbs/
  15. Only Nelson, otherwise I would leave it alone.
  16. I would make this trade right away. I think you could then trade McKinnon or Abdullah for more in a week or so. I believe both of them are going to be good going forward and their value will rise. Davis can't get on the field.
  17. I want the Julio side of this trade.
  18. I would want Demarco, although he has not been very good. I just think the titans have a better chance of improving over san fran.
  19. I would drop Conner, but if you want to keep your cuffs then Gallman.
  20. I actually would rather have martin over gurley ROS. I think Gurley has done good because of the schedule. So it is a definite NO for me.
  21. It seems like very little to give up for a lottery ticket. I have to be honest though I think Johnson comes back around fantasy football playoff time week 13 or 14. So it will be tough to start him not knowing how much he will play.
  22. I think you have to start Tate in a PPR. I believe Texans win easily, if Fuller does not get a touchdown early chances are he will not get one.
  23. If you believe Gurley is going to start slowing down with the tougher defenses then make the trade. If you think Gurley is going to continue as he has then do not make the trade. Gurley and Adams for Kamara and Brown
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