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  1. I just can't start the Jags WR yet. Go with Cooper and Bryant.
  2. Wow tough call. I agree I would probably bench Lynch. For me it is one of the two Raiders I would bench, but leaning Lynch
  3. I make this trade. I think you are improving your RB, while very little difference in WR. Also if things go good Amari will move up to your flex over either of these WR.
  4. I think with the risk of Zeke you make the trade. It honestly is almost even trade and will help your team. Dez has gone against three of the toughest WR matchups you can face. He is going to start getting better.
  5. It depends on the size of the league. I do not think it is a very good team, but it should do better. It looks like a .500 team to me. You need luck to come back and Reed to get healthy.
  6. No way you veto this trade. I actually think the ingram owner has worries and believes Johnson will be better and I am not sure he is not correct
  7. Honestly, if he is rejecting those offers you state then it is probably not a good trade partner. Seems like he is does not value WR as you stated he thinks he is set. I think you are giving up to much and he is already saying no, but no doubt you need RB's. I would dangle AB to other owners as I think you can get more than what you are asking for.
  8. Nope, you are trading by far the best player. You are selling low and buying high in Mixon. I would not make the trade.
  9. I would not trade for Lamar, if you want him see if you can get him for Decker. I think Parker will be good this year, and Lamar is slowly going to be losing carries.
  10. Pick one QB and one WR ------ Standard Scoring Carson Palmer vs. San Fran Kirk Cousins at K.C. TY Hilton at Seattle Rishard Matthews at Houston
  11. If he had a chance to get more production this was the week. Instead he was outdone by Murray who was at half speed due to injury. He appears to only be worth a start if Murray is out.
  12. Coleman and I don't think it is very close
  13. Sanders and Kupp for me. I just don't see it in Williams
  14. I like Cooks better, just think Fournette will spend a lot of time on the sidelines.
  15. Elliot and Anderson for sure I would then go Ingram, Cohen, Riddick in that order
  16. Hyde and White, Coleman is basically equal to White so go your preference
  17. I think Pryor and Cousins get it fixed this week. I would start Pryor
  18. I would start Brees. I think that has the highest point total of the week and should be a shootout
  19. I believe I would go Cohen and Powell. If not powell then go with Williams
  20. It would be Benjamin for me. I want to see the Saints backfield sort out a little more. Might see Peterson get more carries since he had so little week one. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667755-wr-help/
  21. Generally I would take the RB who is going to get the volume and that is Hyde. I just have no idea who is going to get the ball for NE
  22. Obviously Bryant has the upside, but I think Thielen is the safer play and most likely to score more points this week http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667755-wr-help/
  23. I think you have to go Diggs after his week 1 performance.
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