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  1. Still looking for one. If you don't need money to be involved to be competitive, come get some. Lots of strategy involved as well with our custom rules
  2. The custom rules are to much to get in to. Hence, joining league to check them out if you're interested and leaving it your not. The rules are pretty much loop hole free. As a league 5 years or so ago we created the rules together with all managers input. They're pretty solid if you're looking for a league home with fair play.
  3. Still looking for one more manager Stat categories R, rbi, hr, sb, avg., Of assists Ks, sv, qs, era, whip, hr allowed
  4. This is a Yahoo league. We need just one more to anybody interested. Easiest thing to do is email me at dbsmets@yahoo.com and I'll send you invite. Check the league out, check setting, read message board for custom league rules. Then let me know if you're staying or leaving. First come first serve, league is solid if you like a challenge and activeness.
  5. Keepers each year are set in draft based off where they were drafted the year before. Moving up in the draft each year you keep them. Prospects and break out players that we're not drafted the year before are kept at the end of your draft. Lots of strategy involved. If you see a future Vald Jr. pick him up early and house him in a N/A spot and you'll keep him at the end of your draft the next year. We don't play for money, but we're thinking about a small amount in the future. But, this is an extremely completive league. If a closer gets hurt, if his handcuff isn't rostered he won't last on waivers long. It's a 6 team playoff, and it's become extremely hard to make the playoffs. Come test yourself here and enjoy our custom rules.
  6. Need 2 managers. Completive league that has custom rules. Standard draft, March 17 draft, and solid group of managers assembled. League has 2 N/A spots and the custom rules reward managers who stash prospects well. It also rewards managers who draft breakout players late in draft or pick them up on waivers. Email me at dbsmets@yahoo.com if you're interested.
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