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  1. I agree. With so many accusations it seems that Watson may have some issue(s) to deal with as a result of his behavior. There seems to be a serious behavior pattern that isn't just a one-time thing. The NFL does their own investigation and they may determine that he is suspended indefinitely until either they are satisfied or the courts are satisfied that no wrong doing took place. But with so many women coming forward (20+) I wouldn't be surprised if he's done as an NFL player.
  2. In my standard scoring league Henry is #2 and leads Kamara by 20pts. Beast. In my 0.5 ppr league he's #3, 9pts behind Kamara.
  3. Need Lamar to be just a little better throwing the ball. Lamar was great if you owned him this week but not so great if you own his TE/WRs.
  4. I drafted this guy in 3 leagues and he's done basically nothing the last 10 weeks. I'll tell you what, it sure hasn't been good.
  5. That was a quick transition into Jordan Reed.
  6. The hype this offseason might raise him a bit. Having said that I do like that he gets and should continue to get the targets and work in the passing game. I'm glad I own him in Dynasty. I could see him going in the 2nd round right now.
  7. I agree, not bad considering all the stuff that went on this past week or 2. Having said that it was sad to see KJ get that GL TD. Hopefully all is well with Swift and he's back to his normal self and practicing this week. Would be nice to see him get more than 7 carries going forward.
  8. This guy is going to carry teams to a Championship.
  9. Maybe he "contracted" something worse than COVID... and it's burning. They should have justed IR'd this guy. What a mess. Having said that I'm still keeping him for next year. If you are in dynasty/keeper and the owner is souring send some offseason feelers.
  10. The definitely spent a draft pick to have him do more. He's still only 21 and has a lot of room to learn, similar to RoJo. Have to remember this COVID year wasn't normal with preseason and Training Camp. These rookies are slowly catching up. Having said that I echo what was mentioned above - where is the passing game work? I did like that they had him in a few times in the red zone - that is definitely promising.
  11. Unbelievable they would be thinking about his long term health and making sure he is 100% before playing. Can you imagine!
  12. That is probably fair to say, but only getting 3 targets in a game (0 in the second half after a big first half TD) is concerning. I don't doubt he has the abilities but if he doesn't get targeted not much he can do. I'd be curious to see if he was getting open and/or if Rivers was looking his way. A heavy run game will impact things though. Hopefully better (targeted) days ahead.
  13. Yep, lots of talented rookie WRs this year. Will be interesting to watch how it all shakes out and how much the QB situation of each play into it. Obviously they need the volume/targets and I think it could be there (eventually) for Pittman. I really like him but I also worry about Campbell stealing some (if he comes back this year). As for keeper/dynasty it will be interesting to watch if Pittman can be INDYs WR1 as Hilton is a FA next year.
  14. Each of the last 3 weeks he's been on the field for 80%+ of the snaps. So its not like he's really rotating in. He's in, just didn't see the targets in the 2nd half.
  15. Obviously I like his potential long term, especially in keeper and dynasty leagues. But a bit disappointing finish to the game after a hot start. He is a rookie so there is room for improvement. He's done well considering but a few more targets would have been nice to see.
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