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  1. I don’t have the greatest QB’s in the world but all 3 have good matchups. Who would you start of these 3? Kyler Murray at Cincy Jameis Winston at NO Jacoby Brisset at KC what say you good people? WHIR
  2. I would reach for Theilen Diggs or Another WR1. IMHO WR talent is key. Thanks for helping with mine.
  3. In a 10 team PPR where we can keep one guy based on the round he was picked in. We start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FL, K and DST. Only caveat is we set a 5th round min for player (I.E. even if I took Todd Gurley in round 15 he’d cost me a 5th round pick). These are my options: Zach Ertz, round 4, 31st overall James Connor, round 5, 50th overall Adam Thielen, round 3, 30th overall Marlon Mack, round 5/50 Aaron Jones, round 5/50 I am leaning towards Ertz because TE is such a black hole beyond him, Kittle (who is being kept) and K
  4. I can only keep one. Both will cost me my fifth round pick. It's a 1/2 point PPR league. I am leaning Howard but Gordon was damn good last year. What say you?
  5. Is this stiff even gonna play this year? I took him in rd. 11 in my league. Guess I can't complain considering where I took him.
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