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  1. 49ers are the play. Play the best D in the playoffs at the end of the season. O-Lines are dinged up, stack up those sacks. Help on mine?
  2. Boone is the right call, but I like Boyd a lot this week. What’s your matchup look like? Help on mine?
  3. I benched Kupp this week. I don’t think he’s going to see the targets. Help on mine?
  4. Always start your studs. Washington would be the only one I consider there. Help on mine? Similar situation: https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792670-mostert-peterson-or-washington/
  5. 40 point projected lead after my opponent just has Hopkins and Watson lay some eggs. Non-PPR and I need to decide on a flex. Looking for the highest floor. Who’s your call? Options for FLEX-Mostert, D.Washington, A.Peterson starting lineup: QB-M.Ryan RB-E.Elliot,Fournette WR-Boyd, Perriman(10.2) TE-Kelce Flex- ???? D/ST-Pittsburgh v Jets K-Butker
  6. It’s a great move, but your playoff run can be zapped by 1 RB injury now.
  7. Stills, he doesn’t score enough to crack your lineup.
  8. Brady in a Bye week. 14 Teamer, need a streamer for the week. Do I take a chance on Hoyer, or go safe with Tannehill, Carr or Trubisky?
  9. He was dropped in my 10 teamed and not picked up.
  10. Redraft points league. Wins and Saves are 10, Holds and QS are 5. Which would you rather have. Scherzer/Giles or Marco Gonzales/Hader
  11. Same, none of those guys excite me enough to give up WW1. Assuming you’re using traditional WW setup. Someone will have to drop a better quality player soon.
  12. Thanks, that’s where I’m at today. I’ve got Trout, Springer, and Rosario for my other OFs, so this isn’t a huge issue.
  13. ESPN total points league. Need to pick one to drop, and one to become my 4th OF’r. Ryan Braun Brandin Nimmo Mallex Smith
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