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  1. It is complicated, because the Hawks seem to value draft picks about as much as the Saints do...which is mostly as collateral/currency. So it would have to involve players. A lock-down CB like Lattimore would certainly appeal to them. Maybe a tackle like Ram or even Armstead. It is quite likely a long-shot, but these teams/front offices are familiar with one another.
  2. Every. Single. Year. They are in 'cap hell' according to casual football fans and some in the national media...and every year they find ways out of it. This year is more like 'cap jail' as nobody saw the pandemic shrinking the cap this way. Still, a few cuts, couple creative restructures and an extension or two and they'll be fine. As far as the draft, they have a 1, 2 and 4th...but they are also projected to get an additional 3rd, 3rd and 5th/6th for compensatory selections. It is a giant mystery whom the Saints will actually go into the year with, I think if any team pulls off a ma
  3. I think some sort of deal has to be in the works, if this is true? Only seeing ESPN/the Globe reporting it. Cain would move to RF and Avi Garcia would be on the pine imo. One of them could be dealt too.
  4. Yeah this was always happening, in regards to Cook and Hill. They will certainly add a player or 2 at the position, if not through FA--certainly the draft. They were really pleased with Trautman's play in a limited role, so expanding it feels like a guarantee. He can block better than anyone thought and make plays as a receiver. Very good sleeper heading for early drafters and a guy that could shoot up draft boards by summer. Lots of moving parts in NOLA this year.
  5. Really it comes down to Rutchsman or McKenzie... Being a points league, I can see leaning to McKenzie...esp given the fact he will likely contribute this year and Rutchsman most certainly won't. Obv AR is the the much higher rated prospect, but catchers get overrated imo. He has bigger name value and I'd attempt to deal him.
  6. Klaw was always rather high on him (still #6 on his LAA prospects lists this year), his stuff has always been present...he just has 9 professional innings since the end of 2017--mostly because of his back. It is that and to a lesser extent his mechanics, that he probably ends up in the bullpen. Still def a guy I've always liked and one to watch if his health cooperates and they fast track him.
  7. He is one of my favorite 'deep dives' this year. He appears to be moving back to SS full time this season.
  8. Alex Smith cut...already talk of him joining back up with Urban to be a mentor to T Lawrence. Some team is gonna have a great opportunity to swoop in and get Minshew for a bargain. I could see SF? He would work well in a Shanny system.
  9. Quality list, all I play are points leagues so I know the importance of quality K arms. I'd go Cole, Woodruff, Glasnow for sure. Last spot is tricky...I would lean Carrasco if you are in contention this year, but Urias and Paddack are tough to toss back...just tough to know how many innings and starts they actually accumulate, as SD is going with a 6 man staff and LAD are simply really deep.
  10. He looked like a solid mid-tier catcher last winter after hitting .248/.348/.478 with 18 homers in his first full season the year prior (in 314 ABs with a 79/48 K/BB ratio), but those who bought in expecting a repeat wound up quite disappointed. In 39 games, his slash line dipped to just .221/.264/.385 as he hit a modest five homers. I am pretty much of the mind that we can mostly toss out last years performance, he should play more than a lot of catchers due to his solid defense and the 26 yr old should rebound closer to his 2019. Pretty good value in 12-20 team leagues that just wait un
  11. Even with a 6 man rotation looming, I would have a hard time not going with Musgrove. So many metrics point to him taking the next step towards legit SP2 territory. Manning is tempting, with his ceiling, but I would want the guy that can help more this year and is still young enough to be a future asset too.
  12. First 5 for certain. I'd def keep Mad Max yet too. I would lean Lowe over Kelenic but it is close, just prefer the still young and know quantity of Lowe...plus 2B and likely 3B eligibility. But Kelenic is obv a top 3 prospect and you know how your league values those better than I.
  13. That feels like the common rub. But he has the raw power (and showed it well in BP and fall instructs)...little swing mod and that park=$
  14. Mitchell could be a monster imo. They are aging out in their OF (brewers) and should be a spot for him as soon as he's ready--which could be quite soon. Hassell has really been catching my eye too, loud tools. Soderstrom is also very interesting to me. Could move very quick, though likely to come off C spot, bat is great.
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