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  1. I would. It is more odd for me, as I have the extra inning package from DirecTV, so I see a lot of different teams (w/local feeds)...but even for big fans, I am sure to be in the minority. I think for MLB to grow more it is important to sway for the same teams and promote fun players on other teams some too. I would like to see more 'island' games for the Rays, Jays, W-Sox, Brewers, Pads...even the Reds. Those games bring excitement to the teams and fan bases playing, even if semi-marginally.
  2. This^ is like schizophrenia/bi-polar (no offense to anyone) meets savant... I am still holding in a non catcher league, but it is a deep 16 teamer. I still see decent+ things to be done by him. Lots of very poor pitching in the AL central that he will see plenty of, and warm weather in the Chi...
  3. I could be off-base (pun) but it feels like every week on Sun night baseball we are seeing the same damn teams. Cubs, Cards, Braves, Yanks, Saux etc, etc...I know ESPN is mostly garbage, but it would be nice to showcase a few other teams, no?
  4. Well, you already claimed 'he is toast'...so I bet plenty better than that. He is quite established, I think he is starting a pretty sweet heater...guy has plenty in the tank and has shown top 5 upside at whatever position you wanna play him.
  5. 10 games above .500 with this offense is pretty impressive. Tied atop central with Cubs (who most certainly won't be adding payroll)... Really hope Stearns can upgrade bats in near future. The Adames trade looks pretty good, his 1st good deal/move in a while.
  6. This kid is far too under-the-radar imo. He loses a lot in traditional prospects lists because of his defense (or the fact some project a shift across the diamond to 1B)? Pipeline: He has worked diligently to improve his conditioning and his range at third base, where he displays solid arm strength. The Dodgers are pleased with his progress at the hot corner, while scouts in other organizations wonder if he's destined for first base. Here is a snippet from Klaw write-up on him in March where he was ranked 10th in system: "Vargas is a polarizing name when you ask scouts about hi
  7. Squared off v Lodolo last night; went 6 IP (88 pitches-62 strikes) 7 HA 3ER with 2BB/5K plus 9 groundouts to 1 fly out. ERA sitting at 1.26 on the season.
  8. He appears to have been on a pitch count last night; went 3.1 IP 3HA 0R 0BB 7K
  9. Was basically all FA and CU, with the CH just mixed in, also threw a couple of sinkers and sliders. Nothing really appears all that plus, also the FA did not sit 95...it averaged 93, which is fine from the left side. The curve did look pretty good and fooled guys, has a nice swooping shape that gets far more vertical action then it does horizontally. He was impressive with his mechanics/delivery and the command can make up for a lack of 'wow' stuff...esp pitching behind a solid defense in that park. Was a shorter first glimpse, hoping to see more of the change and maybe slider, as th
  10. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2021/06/11/rams-jacob-harris-rookie-sean-mcvay-starter-reps-practice/
  11. Red Sox's Chris Sale: Impresses in bullpen session Manager Alex Cora was impressed with Sale (elbow) during the lefty's bullpen session Friday, Chris Cotillo of The Springfield Republican reports. The manager expressed strong optimism when talking about the southpaw's Friday bullpen, but also hinted at the fact that he still has a ways to go before he's back in the Red Sox rotation, saying, "We need to not get too excited...but it was just that good." Cora's latest update indicates that a July return to the Red Sox continues to be a realistic possibility for the veteran left-hander,
  12. *MY* FRI NIGHT (JUNE) SP RANKS *This is based on points leagues, don't care as much about wins as I do missing bats and quality innings* 1) deGrom (just seeing this injury, ugh) 2) Cole 3) Woodruff 4) Bieber 5) Lynn 6) Wheeler 7) Burnes 😎 Glasnow 9) Bauer 10) Max (injury) 11) Giolito 12) Gausman 13) Buehler 14) Darvish 15) Ryu 16) T Rogers 17) J Urias 18) Kershaw 19) Rodon 20) P Lopez 21) F Peralta 22) M Fried 23) J Musgrove 24) R Ray 25) F Valdez HM: Manaea/Alcantara/Nola/DeSclafani/S
  13. Brandon Woodruff (aka Big Woo) with a 1-2-3 1st on 8 pitches.
  14. Really deep leagues that could use a MI might take a look towards new MIL starting 2B Jace Peterson. Can def deliver some SBs. Next week 3 home v CIN and 4 at COL, only 1 lefty on the docket.
  15. 6 for his last 9 with 2 doubles (hits by direction; 2-left, 2-center, 2-right) Leads SS in NL with 20 hits since May 22nd...
  16. Don't believe he has been mentioned, but saw this in Fangraphs' prospect notes: David Hamilton, SS, Milwaukee Brewers Level & Affiliate: Hi-A Wisconsin Age: 23 Org Rank: TBD FV: 40+ Line: 2-for-7, HR Notes Hamilton tore his Achilles tendon and missed not only his junior year at Texas, but his entire post-draft summer as well. His first pro at-bats came during 2020 big league spring training, and he looked pretty good for a guy who hadn’t played minor league baseball yet. He also looked stronger coming out of rehab and played well in my looks during 2020 instructs, against
  17. Yeah pretty much where I am at too. All the CV-19 stuff has given these coaches more space to be more sneaky with disclosing info, like it is so important to not lose that .00001% competitive edge. I can't imagine Antone is near stretched enough to really be a reasonable starting option (for our games) any time soon.
  18. 1st- big congrats @Wytchclt55 Lodolo has been better than advertised this year, for sure. Exciting blend of stuff and command. IF any pitcher is gonna make the jump from AA ball to the bigs, it will be someone like this kid. The fact that we have not heard any info why he hasn't pitched this month is very interesting--it leads me to think that he very well could be clearing the CV-19 protocols and gearing up for his debut, remember it is quite the process for non AAA players to come up. I'd be speculating in leagues right now! Going thru Twitter trying to find info, I see that the Ma
  19. It is always difficult to say with certainty when it comes to young pitching, but there has been real and quantifiable changes to his pitch usage and sequencing. That, plus the raw stuff is definitely good enough to bring him into that near-trustworthy area of SPs imo. He prob isn't destined to be a guy that will work deep--given his experience and command. But points league players can still really utilize him.
  20. This seems really quick, but 🤷‍♂️ Voit (oblique) could begin a rehab assignment as early as Sunday, Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News reports. Voit has been sidelined with a Grade 2 oblique strain since May 26, but he recently increased his volume of swings and could return to game action in the minors in the near future. Manager Aaron Boone said Thursday that the 30-year-old could rejoin the Yankees after about a week of rehab games, per Marly Rivera of ESPN.com.
  21. He had a lengthy rain-delay before he was able to take the mound yesterday too. I'd buy everywhere I could if some owner is jumpy after that start.
  22. Ready to take that next step? It is debatable, mostly because of the offensive cast (and better defense?)...but the talent is there for it. Reports out of camp that he is going to lineup in slot more this year. FA next year.
  23. I don't think he is so much a deep (ish) sleeper, as he is just criminally underrated, but LAD 3B--Miguel Vargas homered again tonight, for the the 3rd straight game. I am not sure why he is repeating High A (sort of) but I think he will be on the move soon enough...given his current .341/.385/.593 slash.
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