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  1. [...] It seems like Andujar will get some looks at 1B, and with Urshela banged up he may fill in at 3B as well. Anyone have thoughts on what Andujar's playing time will look like in the immediate future? [...]
  2. Anyone rolling the dice tonight?
  3. 12-team H2H Categories league w/ QS instead of W Who do you pick up for Week 6? J.A. Happ (vs Tex, @ Det) Kyle Gibson (@ Min, vs Sea) Nate Eovaldi (vs Det)
  4. And, like clockwork, Paddack implodes. I was praying he would get a QS in this game. Have him dangling out in a trade for Rodgers at the moment, and the Kelly HR put an end to that hope.
  5. Ahh, got it. Didn't see you were playing roto. I think Luzardo has enough upside to settle into a serviceable ERA and WHIP, and I don't think the 4.00/1.30 you mentioned is out of the question. A month ago we were drafting him as a top 30 SP and I don't see a reason to cut bait on him this quickly. He's had two bad starts (one was completely terrible) and three mediocre ones, but the Ks are stil there and he is at least approaching six innings per start. Plus his team should give him good run support. I totally get if you want to move him based on your needs, but I'd still aim
  6. Being a Soler owner is brutal. He may crush four homers for you in any given week and go 3 for 24 for the two weeks following. I actually own Luzardo as well. I'm personally sticking with him, but if you want to move him I'd aim higher. His name and upside should be able to net you someone less frustrating than Soler. Good luck!!
  7. 14-Team H2H Categories (OPS) Drop Robles for: Nico Hoerner Justin Upton Andrew Benintendi Jesus Aguilar ??? Robles is this worst. Always has been. On draft day I realized I was low on steals and picked him up in a panic. Instant regret. Aguilar will offer me zero steals, I realize, but he's hot right now. The others don't have Robles' steals projection, but...well...they're at least on base to run. In a 14-teamer is it time to ****-can him for one of the others? (Rush: I'm not going to drop a MT. I'm going to drop Robles.)
  8. I'm a Paddack owner in a 12-team H2H Categories league (QS instead of W). Would it be crazy to offer my Paddack for Trevor Rogers straight up? I just don't have a ton of confidence he'll turn it around (or won't be sent down at some point), and I'm thinking the other owner might accept based on name recognition alone. Would you do this?
  9. I give: Chris Paddack I get: A pack of gum Grade the trade.
  10. Admittedly I'm not high on Moore, so I go Jazz here. In terms of counting stats, they're both in weak lineups but Moore is hitting toward the bottom and I could see Jazz moving toward the top. Still, you gotta get on base to score a run, and Moore just isn't doing that. What's your league size? Jazz's hot start is not sustainable, nor will Moore be this bad all season. Any chance that you make the move and grab Moore back a little ways down the line if the tides shift? Not that this ultimately matters, but Moore is crusty and boring and Jazz is fun as hell. I love watching him
  11. 14-Team H2H Categories (OPS league) Who contributes more for this season: Alex Kirilloff or Jo Adell?
  12. To be fair, most of the folks in this league are my fantasy football leaguemates who have never played fantasy baseball before, but they were bored so they asked me to start a league. I agreed, but told them I'd be ruthless and would still play to win. 🤣
  13. Hey gang! I'm in a 10-team H2H Categories league with a number of trigger happy managers. I've been really successful at improving my team on the Waiver Wire and, because of this, I've been able to stock my team with a number of underperforming bats who should turn it around in pretty short order. This said, someone dropped Ohtani (batter) and I think he will be an improvement to my team. Which bat do I drop to make room for him? (I should note that I'm not interested in dropping a pitcher (no matter what Rush says!) because I don't have many to give. My pitching isn't weak,
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