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  1. Forgive my ignorance--I don't know how this works: Does anyone know when players will be shifted to an IL designation, specifically in Yahoo? Will that happen sometime today, or does it typically happen on Opening Day? Voit, Framber, and Sonny Gray's DTD status is friggin' killing me. Everyone else in my league is making out like a bandit on the Waiver Wire, and I don't have anyone droppable to snag the guys I want. Thanks!!
  2. Ha! For sure. I already had Mondesi and Alonso as late round keepers and wanted to go for HR upside without completely tanking OBP, so I snagged Gallo. I may come to regret it, but my team has pretty handily lost batting Ks for five seasons and I'm still in first over that time.
  3. Nothing is official yet, though it seems to be trending in that direction. Again, I'm not high on Odorizzi so I'm biased, but since you're admittedly in need of Saves Wittgren could be the WW opportunity you're looking for. Worst case scenario you lose Odorizzi in a dice roll, and there's got to be someone at replacement value until another closer pops up on Waivers. Good luck!
  4. I like your team overall, but I'm wondering what the extra categories in the 7x7 are. In a 10-team league I feel like you have room to upgrade your bench. I'm not a Benintendi guy. Is there anyone with upside on the wire that you can swap out? Also, Miggy's gotta go, man. Haha.
  5. I like it dude! You have some good flexibility with Mancini, Pederson, and Berti to fill in the gaps on off days. They'll also help if Buxton hits a slump or Boone does something silly with Brett Gardner. Really love Mancini and Joc this year, and Clint could have a huge breakout with a regular role. I don't love Odorizzi but maybe you can turn him into a Closer off the wire? I also like that you handcuffed Pagan and Pomeranz to be safe however that situation shakes down. Thoughts on mine?
  6. Hope there are no COVID outbreaks on the South Side. Haha.
  7. 12-Team H2H Categories (R, HR, RBI, SB, K, OBP) (SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS) C - James McCann 1B - Pete Alonso 2B - Brandon Lowe 3B - Alex Bregman SS - Trea Turner OF - Kyle Tucker, Marcell Ozuna, Joey Gallo UTIL - Manny Machado, Adalberto Mondesi BN - Ty France SP - Brandon Woodruff, Luis Castillo, Charlie Morton, Sonny Gray, Jesus Luzardo, Chris Paddack MR - Drew Pomeranz, Aaron Bummer, Dustin May CL - Ryan Pressly, Brad Hand
  8. Agreed. My reservations are are simply due to his lingering back spasms. While he seems to be on track to join the rotation a week or two into the season, it's possible that an issue like this will be something that plagues him for all of 2021. Still, I'm happy to take him at his discount in Round 15.
  9. Ahh--yes, it's Sonny Gray. I have some reservations about him, for sure, but I feel like I can't pass up the dice roll in the 15th! Thanks for your help, y'all!
  10. I would roll those dice. With Eloy out, La Russa is playing Vaughn at OF, meaning he should pick up eligibility soon.
  11. Which two pitchers do you take at this round value for 2021 only? Gallen (Round 5) Morton (Round 6) Gray (Round 15)
  12. Thanks for the above! This is all super helpful. I knew I was forgetting someone. Where would you add Mike Soroka in this mix?
  13. Thanks for your help, y'all! Much appreciated. Here is where I think I've landed: Manny Machado (Rd 1) Kyle Tucker (Rd 3) Zac Gallen (Rd 5) Alex Bregman (Rd 7) Marcell Ozuna (Rd 11) Chris Paddack (Rd 12) Jesus Luzardo (Rd 13) Pete Alonso (Rd 14) Sonny Gray (Rd 15) Trea Turner (Rd 18) Louis Castillo (Rd 19) Adalberto Mondesi (Rd 22) Other options include: JT Realmuto (Rd 2), Matt Olsen (Rd 4), Charlie Morton (Rd 6), Dustin May (Rd 14), Eddie Rosario (Rd 15), Patrick Corbin (Rd 21). Gallen in the 5th is
  14. What are your thoughts on stash value in a redraft league for the following IL pitchers? How would you rank them? Carlos Carrasco Zac Gallen Chris Sale Luis Severino Noah Syndergaard Framber Valdez
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